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EBooks: Very Short Introductions

A guide to the electronic books collections available through the BGSU Libraries.

Very Short Introductions Quick Facts

Very Short Introductions


Coverage: 1995-present

Users: Unlimited

Contains: Online editions of over 600 short books in the Oxford University Press series "Very Short Introductions."

Best for: A wide range of subjects

Printing: Print individual chapters from PDF

Download: Individual chapters only for most texts

Compatible with: Any PDF compatible device/browser


Anatomy of an Oxford Very Short Introductions Book

Screenshot of very short introductions search screen



A. As a BGSU user you are not required to log in to gain access, but you can make a personal account using the link on the left side and save books and chapters onsite.

B. Use the "Search within" box on the left to search within the text of a book.

C. Print or download chapters from a book using the icons on the upper right.

D. View individual chapters by clicking on chapter titles.