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IOP Press EBooks (Alphabetical Title List) closed set

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Coverage: 2014-2017

Users: Unlimited

Contains: 95 ebooks published by the Institute of Physics circa 2016

Best for: Physics

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Compatible with: Anything with a web browser or any epub-compatible device (including Kindles)

Alphabetical List of Titles:

A practical introduction to beam physics and particle accelerators / Santiago Bernal  [2016]
A short course on relativistic heavy ion collisions / A.K. Chaudhuri [2014]
AdS/CFT in condensed matter / Antonio Sergio Teixeira Pires [2014]
Advanced digital imaging laboratory using MATLAB® / by Leonid P. Yaroslavsky [2014]
Advanced solid state theory / Thomas Pruschke [2014]
Advanced Tokamak stability theory / Linjin Zheng [2015]
Advances in thermodynamics of the van der Waals fluid / David C Johnston [2014]
After the war : women in physics in the United States / Ruth H. Howes, Caroline L. Herzenberg [2015]
An introduction to elementary particle phenomenology / Philip G. Ratcliffe [2014]
An introduction to the formalism of quantum information with continuous variables / Carlos Navarrete-Benlloch [2015]
An introduction to time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) and its application to materials science / Sarah Fearn [2015]
Analysis of the alkali metal diatomic spectra : using molecular beams and ultracold molecules / Jin-Tae Kim, Bongsoo Kim, William C. Stwalley [2014]
Antimicrobial photodynamic inactivation and antitumor photodynamic therapy with fullerenes / Lucas F. de Freitas, Michael R. Hamblin [2016]
Atoms and photons and quanta, oh my! : ask the physicist about atomic, nuclear, and quantum physics / F. Todd Baker [2015]
Balancing green power : how to deal with variable energy sources / David Elliott [2016]
Biophotonics : vibrational spectroscopic diagnostics / Matthew J. Baker, Caryn S. Hughes, Katherine A. Hollywood [2016]
Capture and relaxation in self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots : the dot and its environment / Robson Ferreira and Géald Bastard [2015]
Classical field theory and the stress-energy tensor / Mark S. Swanson [2015]
Classical theory of free-electron lasers : a text for students and researchers / Eric B. Szarmes [2014]
Computation in science / Konrad Hinsen [2015]
Dark matter in the universe [2015] / Marc S. Seigar
Defining and measuring nature : the make of all things / Jeffrey H. Williams [2014]
Designing hybrid nanoparticles / Maria Benelmekki [2015]
Discharge in long air gaps : modelling and applications / A. Beroual and I. Fofana [2016]
Discrete quantum mechanics / H. Thomas Williams [2015]
Dynamical properties in nanostructured and low-dimensional materials / Michael G. Cottam [2015]
Electromagnetics in magnetic resonance imaging : physical principles, related applications, and ongoing developments / Christopher M. Collins [2016]
Elementary cosmology : from Aristotle's universe to the big bang and beyond / James J. Kolata [2015]
Emerging models for global health in radiation oncology / Wilfred Ngwa, Twalib Ngoma [2016]
Evolutionary dynamics : the mathematics of genes and traits / Hugo van den Berg [2015]
Explicit symmetry breaking in electrodynamic systems and electromagnetic radiation / Dhiraj Sinha, Gehan A.J. Amaratunga [2016]
Fourier ptychographic imaging : a MATLAB® tutorial / Guoan Zheng [2016]
From Newton to Einstein : ask the physicist about mechanics and relativity / F. Todd Baker [2014]
Guide through the nanocarbon jungle : buckyballs, nanotubes, graphene, and beyond / David Tománek [2014]
Hadronic jets : an introduction / Andrea Banfi [2016]
Infrared imaging : a casebook in clinical medicine / [edited by] Francis Ring, Anna Jung, Janusz Żuber [2015]
Introduction to focused ion beam nanometrology / David C. Cox [2915]
Introduction to the mathematical physics of nonlinear waves / Minoru Fujimoto [2014]
Introduction to the physics of the cryosphere / Melody Sandells and Daniela Flocco [2014
Inverse modeling : an introduction to the theory and methods of inverse problems and data assimilation / Gen Nakamura and Roland Potthast [2015]
Kern- und Teilchenphysik. English;"Nuclear and particle physics / Claude Amsler" [2015]
Key nuclear reaction experiments : discoveries and consequences / Hans Paetz gen. Schieck [2015]
Kinematic labs with mobile devices / Jason M. Kinser [2015]
Lectures on selected topics in mathematical physics : elliptic functions and elliptic integrals / William A. Schwalm [2015]
Liquid crystals through experiments / Mojca Čepič [2014]
Magnetic excitations and geometric confinement : theory and simulations / Gary Matthew Wysin [2015]
Modelling physics with Microsoft Excel / Bernard V. Liengme [2014]
Modern analytical electromagnetic homogenization / Tom G. Mackay, Akhlesh Lakhtakia [2015]
Molecular photophysics and spectroscopy / David L. Andrews [2014]
Motions of celestial bodies : computer simulations / by Eugene Butikov [2014]
Nanometrology using the transmission electron microscope / Vlad Stolojan [2015]
Nanoscopic electrofocusing for bio-nanoelectronic devices / Shanmugamurthy Lakshmanan, Michael R. Hamblin [2015]
Networks on networks : the physics of geobiology and geochemistry / Allen G. Hunt, Stefano Manzoni [2015]
New technologies for smart grid operation / Sioe T. Mak [2015]
Nonlinear optics of photonic crystals and meta-materials / Arthur R. McGurn [2015]
Nuclear materials science / Karl Whittle [2016]
Order from force : a natural history of the vacuum / Jeffrey H. Williams [2015]
Organ printing / Dong-Woo Cho, Jung-Seob Lee, Jinah Jang, Jin Woo Jung and Jeong Hun Park, Falguni Pati [2015]
Physics and video analysis / Rhett Allain [2016]
Physics of cancer / Claudia Tanja Mierk [2015]
Physics of surface, interface and cluster catalysis / [edited by] Hideaki Kasai, Mary Clare Sison Escaño [2016]
Physics of the atmosphere / Rodrigo Caballero [2014]
Physics of the Lorentz group / Sibel Bașkal, Young S. Kim, Marilyn E. Noz [2015]
Principles and applications of Fourier optics / Robert K. Tyson [2014]
Python and Matplotlib essentials for scientists and engineers / Matt A. Wood [2015]
Quantitative core level photoemission spectroscopy : a primer / Juan A. Colón Santana [2015]
Quantum chemistry : a concise introduction for students of physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and materials science / Ajit J Thakkar [2014]
Quantum information in gravitational fields / Marco Lanzagorta [2014]
Quantum mechanics / Mohammad Saleem [2015]
Quantum statistical mechanics : equilibrium and non-equilibrium theory from first principles / Phil Attard [2015]
Relativity, symmetry and the structure of quantum theory. I, Galilean quantum theory / William H. Klink, Sujeev Wickramasekara [2015]
Renewables : a review of sustainable energy supply options / David Elliot [2013]
Scientific basis of the Royal College of Radiologists Fellowship : illustrated questions and answers / Malcolm Sperrin, John Winder [2014]
Searching for habitable worlds : an introduction / Abel Méndez, Wilson González-Espada [2016]
Semiconductors : bonds and bands / David K Ferry [2013]
Single molecule biophysics and poisson process approach to statistical mechanics / Susanta K. Sarkar [2016]
Skin photoaging / Rui Yin, Qiquan Chen, Michael R. Hamblin [2015]
Smart external stimulus-responsive nanocarriers for drug and gene delivery / Mahdi Karimi, Parham Sahandi Zangabad, Amir Ghasemi and Michael R. Hamblin [2015]
Smart internal stimulus-responsive nanocarriers for drug and gene delivery / Mahdi Karimi, Parham Sahandi Zangabad, Amir Ghasemi and Michael R. Hamblin [2015]
SMath for physics : a primer / Bernard V. Liengme [2015]
Structure and evolution of single stars : an introduction / James MacDonald [2015]
Student attitudes, student anxieties, and how to address them : a handbook for science teachers / Helge Kastrup, Jeffry V. Mallow [2016]
Symmetry and collective fluctuations in evolutionary games / Eric Smith, Supriya Krishnamurthy [2015]
Technical fundamentals of radiology and CT / Guillermo Avendaño Cervantes [2016]
The atomic bomb : the story of the Manhattan Project : how nuclear physics became a global geopolitical game-changer / Bruce Cameron Reed [2015]
The embedding method for electronic structure / John E. Inglesfield [2015]
The everyday physics of hearing and vision / Benjamin de Mayo [2015]
The midlife crisis of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty / Peter Pell [2016]
The search and discovery of the Higgs Boson : a brief introduction to particle physics / Luis Roberto Flores Castillo [2015]
The tao of microelectronics / Yumin Zhang [2014]
Transport in semiconductor mesoscopic devices / David K. Ferry [2015]
Ultrafast spectroscopy : quantum information and wavepackets / Joel Yuen-Zhou, Jacob J. Krich, Ivan Kassal, Allan S. Johnson, Alán Aspuru-Guzik [2014]
Visual astronomy : a guide to understanding the night sky / Panos Photinos [2015]

Women and physics / Laura McCullough [2016]

3D Scientific visualization with Blender(R) / Brian R. Kent [2016]