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EBooks: Ebook Central (ProQuest)

A guide to the electronic books collections available through the BGSU Libraries.

ProQuest Ebook Central Quick Facts

ProQuest Ebook Central


Coverage: Mostly 2000 to present

Users: Many allow unlimited simultaneous users but some are limited to 5 (Ashgate books) or 6 (Rowman & Littlefield books) users at a time

Contains: Business books (over 24,000), Education books (over 6,000), and selected books on other subjects. Features a robust interface that allows users to highlight passages, take notes, save favorites, create folders, and return to their customized content through a personal profile they create

Best for: Business, economics, education

Printing: Print current page, chapter, or series of pages - max 99

Download: User account required. Chapters in PDF or a series of pages (max 99). Full book downloads; some limited. Adobe Digital Editions download and free login may be required. Tablet devices should use the browser to access collection and download book to the BlueFire Reader app with an authorized ADE ID. Learn more.

Compatible with: Tablet devices - iOS, Android (including Kindle FIRE) should install the BlueFire Reader app and authorize it with their ADE ID (email). Adobe Digital Editions software may be required for some books.  

Limitations: Titles published by Ashgate and Rowman & Littlefield have a 'limited-user license' and allow 6 simultaneous users only. Some full book downloads expire after a limited time.

Timeout: A session will timeout automatically if left idle for 15 minutes.


BGSU has a number of titles purchased locally and by OhioLINK on the Ebook Central platform, and we also subscribe to two collections - the Business & Economics and the Education collections. 

Anatomy of a ProQuest Ebook Central Ebook

Screenshot of ProQuest Ebook Central

A. Create an account and sign in from the top menu bar to save your books and notes to a personal bookshelf. You can also create different folders within your bookshelf to better organize your content. A personal account is required in order to use the Download feature.

B. Download the entire book or just one chapter using download buttons on the left side of the screen. The full book download will use Adobe Digital Editions and will expire in one or two weeks. Chapters will download as pdfs and can be printed or permanently saved on your own computer. If you download an entire book to your mobile device (phone or tablet) you will also need the BlueFire app.

C. Each book indicates how many pages you can copy or print. Ebook Central ebooks generally allow up to 15% of the book to be copied and 30% to be printed.

D. The "Share Link to Book" icon on the left is the permanent, persistent link to the book, and will work from on or off campus.

E. Easily browse the table of contents and jump to specific chapters.


Help with Ebook Central

Watch an Ebook Central training video or visit ProQuest's Ebook Central LibGuide.

Downloading an Ebook Central ebook

Ebook Central allows users to download chapters or entire books! You can either:

  • save a single chapter permanently as a pdf
  • download an entire book for one or more days (may require the free Adobe Digital Editions software and BlueFire app)

You will see the download button when you are viewing a book in Ebook Central.

The Full Download button appears beneath the book cover image


Once you choose to download an entire book, you will be prompted to sign in to your personal account. If you don't have one yet, create one by clicking on "Create an account."

Your download may expire after 1 or more days if the free software Adobe Digital Editions and, on a mobile device, an app called BlueFire are required.

If you do not have Adobe Digital Editions, download it for free by using the link in the download box to connect to the Adobe site. Adobe Digital Editions works with a variety of platforms, including the Nook and several iPad and Android apps, but cannot be used on a Kindle.