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AMPD (Apparel Merchandising and Product Development): Industry Info

This page is designed to assist BGSU students enrolled in AMPD classes with their research

Find Articles & Statistics on the Apparel & Textile Industry

Industry Reports

China Textiles

Rolls of Chinese textiles

Retrieved from AP Images.

Selected Web Sites Related to Fashion & Apparel

What is a Trade Publication?

A trade publication (magazine, journal or newspaper) contains news articles and items of interest concerning a particular job, career, trade, or industry.   

  • Articles are written by specialists in the field, but sometimes do no list an author.Cover Art
  • Articles are written for people who work in a particular field such as fashion, apparel, or retail,.
  • Articles are written to provide practical information, news, etc.  Specialized language or jargon is often used.


Apparel & Textile Industry Publications (Used in AMPD 1510)

Click Journals by Title on the library home page to locate articles in online journals, magazines and newspapers.

Earnshaw's Review (Infants - girls - boys wear)

Access and search within Earnshaw's Review in Business Source Complete. Also available in print at the Jerome Library.  Main Periodicals (in back corner behind the Learning Commons)

Stores (National Retail Federation)

Read the current issues of Stores  or search the Stores archives  . Also in print at Jerome Library, Main Periodicals (in back corner behind Learning Commons).

Textile Outlook International

Textile Outlook International is available in print at the Jerome Library in Main Periodicals (in back corner behind Learning Commons).  It is not available online.  See additional information about this journal in a separate box below.

Textile World

Check availability & search Textile World online. Also in print at Jerome Library, Main Periodicals (in back corner behind Learning Commons).

Visual Merchandising and Store Design

Access and search VM & SD on their website. Also in print at Jerome Library, Main Periodicals (in back corner behind Learning Commons).

WWD (Women's Wear Daily)

Connect to WWD online.   Read current content or search the WWD archives from 1994 - present.   Sign up to receive WWD Digital Daily emails.   with your BGSU email account.  Note:  It could take up to a week to receive your first WWD Digital Daily emai.

Selected Websites Covering the Retail Industry

Textile Outlook International -- Great Resource for AMPD 4510

Textile Outlook International Issued 6 times per year, this periodical is arguably the most in-depth resource for the global fiber, textile and apparel industries and for specific countries within the industry.

Where?  Located in the Jerome Library in Main Periodicals (shelved alphabetically, by title, so start in the "Ts" for Textile...)

How do I find reports on my country?

  1. Search for your country on the Textile Intelligence web site. 
  2. Write down the issue with your article (ex. Issue 122, March-April 2006) and go find it on the library shelves.  The full text of the articles are not available online.

Berg Fashion LIbrary

Berg EncyclopediaThe full text of the ten-volume Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion explores the dressed and adorned body across cultures and throughout history (17th century to contemporary).  Access the encyclopedia in the Berg Fashion Librardatabase, which also includes thousands of color images, ebooks, essays, and additional reference materials on fashion.