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FMPD (Fashion Merchandising and Product Development)

This page is designed to assist BGSU students enrolled in FMPD classes with their library research

Research Guidelines for FMPD 3600 Research Project

Project Objective:  "This research project aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ominchannel marketing, retailing, and supply chain strategies adopted by various retailers and brands."

Research Needs:  (1) Your company and their current retail strategies, and (2) Omni-Channel retailing (What is it?  What are other companies doing?  What has been successful for your company's competitors?).  

Research Key:  Search for articles and information from a variety of reputable sources. 

  • Obtaining different ideas and perspectives will make you better informed and will lead to better recommendations for the company you are researching.  The more you know and understand, the better your report will be.
  • For example, do not rely on the company website for ALL of the information on your company!   The company website is an extremely valuable and important source of information, but it is all biased and one-sided, not giving you the perspective of experts outside the company.

Find a Company Profile in MarketLine

MarketLine Advantage offers reports on over 100,000 companies from around the world. The reports typically include a corporate description, key statistics, news, products and services, SWOT analysis, company history and more.

Watch this 2 minute video for a demonstration on locating a MarketLine Company Profile.

Company Website Illustration

Found under the "About Us" link at the very bottom of the Buckle home page, this page gives a nice, brief business description and offers a menu at the left plus three tabs at the top for more information. 

Choose the Investors tab to locate the Annual Report where you can find statements such as this:  

"Over the past year, we expanded our omnichannel capabilities by ..." and "... invested in new capabilities to enrich guest relationships, better understand their intent and behavior, and improve the personalization of every interaction."

Annual Report Illustration

Be sure to take a look at a company's Annual Report.  Don't be intimidated by its size and in-depth financial tables!  Skim through the report or check out the table of contents to identify useful information for your project. It's probably near the front of the report.

Cover of Buckle Annual Report