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FMPD (Fashion Merchandising and Product Development): Finding Images

This page is designed to assist BGSU students enrolled in FMPD classes with their library research

Finding Fashion Images and Articles in Databases

   Mannequin in a dressMannequin in a dress              Images from Berg Fashion Library

Citing Images in APA

Fashion/Textile Web Sites

Browse individual store websites (Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, Talbots, etc.) or official designer websites, such as or

Print Magazines

Earnshaw's Infants-Girls-Boys Wear Review. (2012 - present)
Essence (2006 - present)
Glamour (2007 - present)
Seventeen (1961-1992; 1996 - present)
Vogue (2012 - present)
WWW: A women's fashion newspaper. (April 2015 - April 2017)

Vogue Archive

 Vogue: A Conde Nast Publication

Search Vogue Archive!

A complete, searchable archive of American Vogue, from the first issue in 1892 to the current month. Includes every article, cover, photo shoot, illustration and advertisement, with rich indexing enabling users to find images by designer and brand names.

Search by:  Designer, Company & Brand Names, Product, Fabric, Fashion Items, & more!

Museums -- Costume Collections

     Shoes      Shoes      Shoes 

Women's Wear Daily

Women's Wear Daily

Access Women's Wear Daily (WWD)   for current fashion photos.  

(Only 5 users can access WWD at a time.)

We Wear Culture (Google)

We Wear Culture, part of Google's Arts & Culture Platform, is a searchable archive of world fashion, created in collaboration with over 180 museums, school, fashion institutes and others organizations, In addition to being a huge database , We Wear Culture also includes over 450 exhibits and stories on various topics.  Example topics are Boots, Silk, Cocktail Dress, Costume & Denim.

There is a section on Fashion Icons which includes exhibits on many designers.

There is a section on The Movements which focuses on various fashion trends and groups.

The Making Of  (the craft and stories behind what you wear) includes exhibits such as the stories of the kimono and sari and various other traditional dress.

Fashion As Art is an "exploration of fashion as art, and art influenced by fashion."

Reference Books

Use these sources primarily for background information about fashion history, designers and trends.  

  • Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing Through American History 1900 to Present - 2 vols. (ref GT615.G74 2008)
  • Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing Through World History - 3 vols. (ref GT507.G74 2008)
  • Encyclopedia Of Clothing And Fashion—3 volumes ,  (ref GT507 .E53 2005)
  • Fashion, Costume, And Culture : Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, And Footwear Through The Ages5 volumes (ref GT511 .P46 2004)
  • The St. James Fashion Encyclopedia: A Survey Of Style From 1945 To The Present  (present=1997), ref TT505.A1 S7 1997
  • Fairchild Encyclopedia of Fashion Accessories  (ref GT2050 .T67 2003)
  • Fairchild Encyclopedia of Menswear (ref TT617 .G39 2008)
  • What People Wore When: A Complete Illustrated History of Costume from Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century for Every Level of Society (ref GT511 .L474 2008)