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Theatre and Performance Studies: Finding Plays & Monologues

For those needing information on theatre and performance studies resources

Using Summon and the Library Catalog

Search Summon by title or author, then limit to books.

To find monologues, search the catalog by subject word "monologues." Don't forget the "s!"

















You can also start your searches in OhioLINK and request items from libraries all over Ohio.

Online databases

Full-text plays written between the 13th century and 1911 can be found in the following databases:

Indexes of plays

Browsing in the library

Scripts and plays can be found in the P's (literature).

Greek and Roman theatre: PA's

  • Greek: PA3050-PA4505 (range 121)
  • Roman: PA6000-6971 (ranges 121-122)

Asian theatre: PL's

  • Chinese: PL2000-3208 (range 125)
  • Japanese: PL700-889 (range 125)

Monologues: PN2080s (range 131)

Collections of plays

  • General: PN6110-6120 (ranges 134-135)
  • French: PQ1211-1241 (range 135)
  • English: PR621-744 (range 139)
  • American: PS623-635 (range 147)
  • German: PT1251-1299 (range 154)

Collections of plays by English and American playwrights

  • English: PR621-744 (range 139)
  • American: PS330-353 (range 146)

Shakespeare: PR2750-3112 (ranges 140-141)

Find songs

Are you looking for the perfect song for your voice and audition type? Our new database can help you find the right one!