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Theatre and Performance Studies: Theatre History, Criticism & Theory

For those needing information on theatre and performance studies resources

Theatre Journals

Modern Drama
Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film
Modern Drama
19th Century Theatre & Film
Publishes articles on acting, directing, playwriting, and technology. In print at Jerome Library.
Scholarly journal covering research in world drama from 1850 to the present. Full text of Modern Drama is available online in Project MUSE.
Publishes research on all kinds of 19th century performance: theatre, early film, ‘pre-cinema’ optical and narrative forms, and illusions. Full text of 19th Century Theatre & Film is available online. Also in print.
Performance Research
Text and Performance Quarterly
Performance Research
Text & Performance Quarterly
Covers contemporary and historical performance and promotes a cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas, images and analysis. Full text of Performance Research is available online.
Prints royalty-free one-act plays and programs for schools, young people's clubs and libraries. Full text of Plays is avaialble online in EBSCO. Also in print.
Provides a scholarly forum to document and critique performances within issues in performance studies. Full text of Text & Performance Quarterly is available online.






Cover Art
Cover Art
Theatre History Studies
TDR: The Drama Review
Theatre Design & Technology
Theatre History Studies
Provides a forum for writing about performances and their social, economic, and political contexts, emphasizing the experimental, avant-garde, intercultural, and interdisciplinary. Full text of TDR is available online.
The journal for design, production, and technology professionals in the performing arts and entertainment industry. Full text of Theatre Design & Technology is available online in EBSCO. Also in print.
Covers research in all areas of theatre history. Full text of Theatre History Studies is available online in EBSCO. Also in print.
Theatre Journal
Theatre Notebook
Theatre Research International
Theatre Journal
Theatre Notebook
Theatre Research International
Features social and historical studies, production reviews, and theoretical analysis of dramatic texts and production. Full text of Theatre Journal is available online.
A journal of the history and technique of the British theatre. Full text of Theatre Notebook is available online.
Presents history and criticism of drama and the art of the theatre. Full text of Theatre Research International is available online.
Theatre Survey
Word Matters
Youth Theatre Journal
Theatre Survey
Word Matters
Youth Theatre Journal
Provides rigorous historical and theoretical studies of performance across all periods. Full text of Theatre Survey is available online.
Contains articles on the inter-relationship of communication, theater, drama and speech at all levels of education. In print at Jerome Library.
Includes articles covering theater and drama education for young audiences. Full text of Youth Theatre Journal is available online.
American Theatre
New Theatre Quarterly
American Theatre
New Theatre Quarterly
Reports on plays in print, performances, and theater season schedules in the US and abroad. Includes full-length play scripts five times per year. Full text of American Theatre is available online.
Subjects prevailing dramatic assumptions to scrutiny. Full text of New Theatre Quarterly is available online.
Covers the visual and performing arts, including reviews of new works in theatre, dance, film, and opera.  Full text of PAJ is available online.


Find reviews of plays and performances in the following newspaper databases:

Screenshot of historical New York Times in ProQuest: Use the 'Advanced Search' in the historical New York Times and limit to document type 'review'.

In Nexis Uni, search in news for theater reviews.

You may also be able to find theatre reviews in the following magazine and newspaper databases:


Theatre history

Anthologies of Critical Texts

Theoretical Methodologies

Feminist theory & theatre

Critical theory primary texts


Find literary criticism and other articles about theatre & performance in the following databases:

Primary Resources in Theatre

Primary theatre sources that are at or close to BGSU.

Specialized databases

Reference books