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Spanish Language & Hispanic Studies: SPAN 6330

A resource guide for faculty and students in the Spanish Section of the Department of World Languages & Cultures at BGSU.

Finding Books

For your project, you may want to use articles because they tend to be shorter and more focused than a book.  However, books can be a great source of background information. 

To find books written in Spanish, you can use Spanish words or you can search using English words and limit your results to Spanish language.

Some helpful keywords:

novela negra

novela policial

Latin America and detective fiction

Finding Articles Written in Spanish


SPAN 6330: La Novela Policial en América Latina

The University Libraries subscribes to or owns a considerable amount of information written in Spanish.  In most cases, you can conduct your search in English and limit your results to Spanish language.  Specific directions for each of the recommended databases is provided.

Information about finding and including images in your project is also available.

Core Database: Literary Resource Center (Gale)

Searches information about authors and their works. Includes biographies, portraits, critical essays, excepts of literary criticism, summaries of works, and full-text journal articles. 

HIGHLIGHT: Use this resource to find background information before you begin your research.  You will find information about some Latin American writers. Some information may be in Spanish, though the content in this database is primarily in English. To find articles written in Spanish, use the advanced search feature and select Spanish from the drop-down list of languages.

When you type a search term in Basic Search, you get several options to select how broad or focused you want your search to be.  You can improve the precision of your search by putting phrases in quotes. A search on Novela Negra (no quotes) will return all items that contain the word Novela and the word Negra within a few words of each other.  A search on "Novela Negra” (in quotes) will return only items that contain that exact phrase.

Among the Basic Search options you'll find:

  • Person – by or about will bring back items that were written by that person or that contain a significant amount of information about him or her.
  • Name of work searches titles of works (poems, plays, books, etc.) discussed in the collection as well as for any copies of the work itself that may be present.
  • Keywords is for finding your terms in key parts of each document in the product, such as the title of the item or subject terms or abstracts associated with it.


Core Datatabase: MLA International Bibliography

MLA indexes thousands of books and articles published on modern languages, literatures, folklore, and linguistics every year, including works about literature transmitted orally, in print, or in audiovisual media and about human language. Coverage 1926 to present.

HIGHLIGHT: This database, considered to be the most comprehensive literature database, indexes materials written in Spanish but the indexing is in English.  Search this database using English, though titles of works will be in Spanish. Additionally, this database will provide links to the full-text resources available in JSTOR, Project Muse, and other full-text resources.

Additional Databases

You may also find these databases helpful for your project:

Latin American Mystery & Detective Writers

Select Web Sites


Check out these resources for finding images for your project: