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Spanish Language & Hispanic Studies: SPAN 3780

A resource guide for faculty and students in the Spanish Section of the Department of World Languages & Cultures at BGSU.

Finding Articles Written in Spanish

The University Libraries subscribes to or owns a considerable amount of information written in Spanish.  In most cases, you can conduct your search in English and limit your results to Spanish language. I give specific directions for each of the databases I have recommended.

Start your paper by searching for articles in Summon and, if you're not finding enough information, branch out and search for books.

Core Database: Fuente Academica

A unique collection of scholarly academic journals from renowned Latin American and Spanish publishers. This database provides full text coverage (including PDF) for nearly 200 scholarly Spanish language journals. Content is provided in Spanish from respected publishers worldwide.

Almost all articles are in Spanish, but you can search in Spanish or English. How is this possible?  Although most articles are in Spanish, indexing and abstracting are in English and Spanish.

Core Database: Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete is multi-disciplinary full-text database that includes more than 5,300 full-text periodicals, of which 4,400 are peer-reviewed journals.  This is a great resource for finding articles on any topic. Indexing and abstracting in this database is in English, even when an article is written in another language.

To find articles written in Spanish, conduct your search in English and then, once you have a list of results, click on the Search Options and then from the Language list, select Spanish.  Another strategy is to search using Spanish search terms.  For your search to be comprehensive, you will want to search both ways.

Core Database: JSTOR

JSTOR, short for Journal Storage, contains the full text of scholarly journals in humanities, sciences, and social sciences. The collection's strengths include art, economics, history, literature, and mathematics. The titles included in JSTOR go back to the first issue of a journal, although the most recent 3 to 5 years are not included in this archive.

JSTOR is a great place to search for interdisciplinary topics such as this assignment. JSTOR searches the entire text of articles, so sometimes the results may not be what you intend and you may need to try a few different search terms to find the information for which you are looking.

To find articles written in Spanish, use the advanced search feature and select Spanish from the drop-down list of languages.


Other Databases to Consider

Depending on your topic, you may want to search one of the following databases.   All of these databases have some Spanish-language materials. Check the descriptions to see which databases will cover your topic.



Select Web Sites

Finding Books

For your project, you may want to use articles because they tend to be shorter and more focused than a book.  However, books can be a great source of background information. 

To find books written in Spanish, you can use Spanish words or you can search using English words and limit your results to Spanish language.