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Persistent Links: O'Reilly Books

Learn how to create persistent links to articles in BGSU library databases that will work from on or off campus.

O'Reilly Quick Facts



Formerly: Safari Ebooks

Coverage: Mostly from 2004 to present

Users: Unlimited simultaneous users

Contains: Tech books on programming languages, applications, systems, networking, web design and development, and more. Over 48,000 titles; very current

Best for: Computer science, web development, applications

Printing: None

Download: None

Compatible with: Anything with a web browser

Instruction pages: O'Reilly for Higher Education

            Log into O'Reilly using your myBGSU account. (Login method changed December 12th, 2022)


Linking to O'Reilly Books

There are two options for creating permalinks to O'Reilly books:

1. Find the book in the library's online catalog. Ignore the line that says "Permalink" and instead, right-click on the link that says "Connect to resource Safari Books Online. Unlimited simultaneous users" and choose "Copy link address". 

2. Alternatively, instead of finding the item in the BGSU catalogue, you can just add "" to the beginning of the URL of an O'Reilly book. The generator below will do this for you.

1. Copy the URL from your O'Reilly book and paste it here:

2. Click the "Create link" button below:

3. Copy and use the resulting link

4. Clear the form to make another link


O'Reilly Media, Inc. App

Image to Apple App Store DownloadImage to Google Play App Store for Download

Features of the O'Reilly Media, Inc. App:

  • Unlimited access to books, videos, and live training
  • Never lose your place—all your devices are synced
  • Learn during your commute with online and offline access
  • Follow playlists, add to your own playlists, highlight content and add notes, and more…

How to access the O'Reilly Media, Inc. App (available on iOS/Android mobile devices):

  1. Download (install) the iOS app from the Apple App Store or the Android app through Google Play
  2. Launch or open the app.
  3. The welcome screen will prompt you to enter your BGSU email or username. Enter your BGSU email address and click Sign In. 
  4. In the "I'm with" field, select Bowling Green State University, then click the button Sign In with SSO.
  5. On the BGSU screen, enter your BGSU username and password.
  6. There is no sign in for subsequent uses of the app.

O'Reilly Titles

Having Issues

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Go to the top right hand side, and click on the person icon

Go to the buttom of the pull down and Sign Out

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