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Persistent Links to Articles: Summon

Learn how to create persistent links to articles in BGSU library databases that will work from on or off campus.

Persistent Links from Summon


The URL in your address bar IS a persistent link.

There is also a "Permalink" link that appears in each result. It will take the user to that result list in Summon, and then they can link to full text from there.

If you click through to a full text article from Summon, the link in your browser bar is a persistent link IF the linking sidebar (open or collapsed) is on the right. Otherwise, follow the instructions for the individual provider.


Summon screenshot showing where to get the persistent link: The top link (the address bar) will take users to this set of search results in Summon. The 'permalink' in a record will take users back to this record in Summon. Both will prompt off campus users to log in for full text.

Summon search pointing to where the persistent link is: If you see the sidebar, use the link (address bar). Clicking on the article in Summon will take you to the full text. If you see the linking sidebar with the article information in it (see right), you can use the link in the browser address bar as a permalink that will also work from off campus. If you do NOT see the linking sidebar, use the guidelines for each provider to figure out if the link in the browser address bar is a permalink or not.