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Persistent Links: Creating Proxied Links for Off-Campus Use

Learn how to create persistent links to articles in BGSU library databases that will work from on or off campus.

Making Sure Off-Campus Users Have Access

When you provide article URLs to your students, they have to be both PERSISTENT and PROXIED.   A persistent link will be sure they get back to the correct article.   A proxied link will enable access for off-campus users as well as users on campus.

Not all persistent URLs are proxied URLs.  Proxying a URL prompts off-campus users for a login.  

To ensure that your links work for off-campus users, make sure that the URL begins with

For example:

If you are linking to articles in open-access journals or to freely available web content, you don't have to worry about this.

EZProxy Prepend for BGSU:

Examples of proxied URLs that will work from on or off campus:

Proxied persistent URL from JSTOR:

Proxied permalink from EBSCOhost: 

Some databases (like EBSCO) automatically format persistent URLs as proxied, but if not, you can set them up yourself by adding   to the front of the URL, as in the example above. Having done this, the URL should prompt you for your BGSU login if you are off campus.