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Native American Creatives: Talon Silverhorn (October 2023)


Thursday, October 26, 2023 at 5:30pm in the Wolfe Center Donnell Theatre (free and open to the public)

Talon's YouTube

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About Talon Silverhorn

Talon Silverhorn is a Citizen of The Eastern Shawnee Tribe and has been an interpreter since 2007. He grew up on the Shawnee Reservation in Oklahoma and participated in traditional aspects of his culture such as ceremonies, hunting traditions, and material arts. Talon currently serves as the Cultural Programs Manager for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, overseeing American Indian historical content and interpretation in the state's 75 parks, and is involved in developing a new Shawnee Cultural/Interpretive Center in western Ohio.

Instagram: @talonsilverhorn

Nahewa Laniwa Kehogepeyi?

Check out Talon Silverhorn's Website and Historical Programming Initiative, whose mission is to "develop a better understanding of our shared history on this continent as the foundation for a more collaborative world."