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Native American Creatives: Seth Thomas Sutton

Seth's Latest Project

"The Deconstruction of Chief Blackhawk is a qualitative critical analysis of the National Hockey League’s Chicago Blackhawks’ mascot, Chief Blackhawk. Through a decolonizing deconstruction of various Indigenous stereotypes, this book examines the ethical and moral consequences of the continued use of disparaging Indigenous imagery for professional sports mascots, dominant White society’s reliance on the Indian as the measure of American identity, and the ramifications of colonial control of Indigenous agency, thereby justifying Westward Expansion."

wiinwaa niizhaasing (We the 7th)

The Emmy-nominated documentary, wwiinwaa niizhaasing (We the 7th), shares stories of the Indigenous communities of Standing Rock and West Michigan.

For Further Reading

Seth Thomas Sutton

Sharing Narratives

Shaping Narratives is an Emmy-nominated series centers the experiences of Indigenous and minoritized individuals through reclaiming of heritage and the process of unlearning colonial structures and thinking.