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Music Education (PreK-12): Finding Textbooks and Activity Books in the CRC

Music Textbooks and Activity Books

As American as apple pie: folk songs, games, and dances for children Jeff Kriske, Randy Delelles
The complete book of rhymes, songs, poems, fingerplays, and chants [compiled by] Jackie Silberg, Pam Schiller; illustrated by Deborah C. Wright
Music through children's literature: theme and variations Donna B. Levene; illustrations by Susan Kochenberger Stroeher
Easy songs for smooth transitions in the classroom Nina Araújo & Carol Aghayan
The music teacher's almanac: ready-to-use music activities for every month of the year Loretta Mitchell
Highlighting the holidays: more songs, poems, & dances for children Jeff Kriske and Randy DeLelles
Round the circle: key experiences in movement for young children Phyllis S. Weikart
Teaching movement & dance: a sequential approach to rhythmic movement Phyllis S. Weikart
Silver Burdett making music program authors, Jane Beethoven et al
Silver Burdett making music: keyboard accompaniments, teacher's edition part 2
Teaching music to students with special needs: a practical resource Alice M. Hammel
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Dewey Main Classes

The Ten Main Classes of Dewey

000 • Computer science, general works, and information

100 • Philosophy and psychology 

200 • Religion

300 • Social sciences

400 • Language

500 • Science

600 • Technology

700 • Arts and recreation

800 • Literature

900 • History and geography

780 Sections • Music

780 • Music

781 • General principles and musical forms

782 • Vocal music

783 • Music for single voices

784 • Instruments and instrumental ensembles and their music

785 • Ensembles with only one instrument per part

786 • Keyboard, mechanical, electrophonic, and percussion instruments

787 • Stringed instruments

788 • Wind instruments

789 • Composers and traditions of music

370 Sections • Education

370 • Education

371 • Schools and their activities and special education

372 • Primary education (elementary education)

373 • Secondary education

374 • Adult education

375 • Curricula

378 • Higher education

379 • Public policy issues in education