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RefWorks: Home

This guide provides help and instructions on accessing and using RefWorks, a citation management system.

What is RefWorks?

Connect to ProQuest RefWorksRefWorks is a citation management software that helps you to organize your citations. It helps you format papers and bibliographies in a wide variety of citation styles (MLA, APA, and more).

Use this guide to create your account, save citations, create bibliographies and more!

Creating a RefWorks Account

You can login to RefWorks with Single Sign On (SSO) using your existing BGSU username and password. 

  1. Go to RefWorks using the BGSU library link.
  2. Click on the "Use login from my institution" drop-down menu.
  3. Type in "Bowling Green State University" and select BGSU from the list.
  4. You should be directed the BGSU SSO page.
  5. Log in using your BGSU username and credentials.
  6. You will most likely need to authenticate via Duo.

Step 2: Click on "Use login from my institution"

RefWorks sign in screnshot

Step 6: Log in using your BGSU username and password.











Creating a RefWorks Account with a non-BGSU Email Address

If you want to sign up using a non-BGSU email address (gmail, yahoo, etc.):

  1. Go to this RefWorks.
  2. Click "Create Account"
  3. Enter the email address you'd like to use with RefWorks
  4. You will be asked to enter a password to create a new account
  5. An activation email will be sent - click on the link in the email
  6. You will be taken to your new RefWorks account and asked to fill out some basic information

Help with RefWorks

Tools from RefWorks to assist you.

General FAQs

Is there a limit to how many citations I can save?

Is there a limit to the data I can save as notes, abstracts and attachments?
1 gigabyte is the initial limit, but contact the library if you need more space.

Can I access RefWorks off campus?

Can I create a new RefWorks account from off campus?
You can, but you may need to look up the BGSU access code. Log in to MyBGSU and go to Libraries under Students (or Faculty). You will find the RefWorks access code in the left hand column.

Can I open two accounts in RefWorks at the same time?

Can a RefWorks account be shared by a group?
Yes. An individual may create more than one account using the same email address, but with different usernames and passwords for each account. This can be useful when working on group projects. The username and password can be shared with other members of the group for one of the accounts. Each member can then log in to that RefWorks account to add, organize, or delete information. During the process, each group member can use the bibliographic resources from the group folder and then use RefWorks to format the bibliography according to the preferred style.

Alternately, you can create a folder in RefWorks and then share it with other RefWorks users, and all of you can access and modify the citations in the folder from your individual RefWorks accounts.

How do I back up my citations?
You can export your references to a text file as a backup measure by choosing the Export option.

Will I be able to use RefWorks after leaving BGSU?
Yes. The Library's RefWorks subscription includes lifelong access for BGSU alumni at no extra charge. As long as the Library subscribes to RefWorks, alumni will be able to log in to their RefWorks accounts, though you may need to change your email address in your profile if your login is your BGSU email address (which will no longer be available to you after you graduate).