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RefWorks: Sharing & Projects

Sharing vs. Projects

In spring of 2019, a new feature became available to RefWorks users: "Projects." Unlike the existing option of "Sharing" folders, Projects creates a shared workspace within RefWorks that allows all users of the Project to add, delete and edit references, folders and documents.


Sharing can be a good way to show a list of references to someone else. Sharing is a good option for:

- a professor who wants to share a list of references with a class

- a librarian who wants to share a list of references with a student

- a scholar who wants to share a list of references with a reader

When you are sharing a folder, you have the option to create a public url for the folder. You can copy that url and link it on any website or send it in email to anyone - no one will need a RefWorks account in order to view the citations in a folder shared with a public url.

If you want the person you are sharing a folder with to be able to add or remove references or documents in the folder, then that person does have to have their own RefWorks account. In these cases, you may set their permissions and send them an invitation to share the folder. Once they log in to their RefWorks account, the option to accept the invitation will appear under "Sharing" in the left hand navigation bar.



Link to RefWorks help pages about ProjectsProjects are a feature of RefWorks that allow you to collaborate with another RefWorks user on a list of references or multiple folders of references. Projects are a good way for:

- a group to work on a group research project

- a lab to compile references for their research

- a professor and a graduate student to collaborate on research

The person you are sharing a project with DOES have to have their own RefWorks account in order to access the shared project. All members of a Project can add and delete references, folders and documents in the Project, or even the Project itself.

Unlike shared folders, Projects appear in the top navigation bar in RefWorks.

The only way to transfer existing citations between different Projects is to export them in RIS format and then import them from RIS format.

When you share a Project with another RefWorks user, you must enter the email address they use to log in to RefWorks (similar to how Google Docs works). They will receive a notification email, then be able to log in to RefWorks and see the Project invitation in their account. They can accept it by using the "Manage Projects" link in the Projects dropdown at the top of the screen.