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Human Development & Family Science

A guide to BGSU library and internet resources for research in Human Development and Family Science

Journal Reading Strategies

The following tips will help you determine if an article is right for you!

  1. Start by reading the abstract (or summary) of the article.  Sound good?  If so, move to step 2
  2. Jump down and read the article's results and/or discussion. Does it support your purpose? This is a useful method for determining the article's relevance before reading the entire article.
  3. Browsing through the introduction can also help you determine relevancy.  Convinced it's a good article for your needs?
  4. Return to the beginning & read the entire article!

Other Useful Databases

Secondary Sources: Reference Books, Annual Reviews, & More

The University Libraries subscribes to the following annual reviews and owns the following reference books.  If you happen to be in the Jerome Library, take some time to browse through the Encyclopedia of Psychology--its eight volumes cover all aspects of psychology. All of the other resources listed here are available electronically and can be accessed from your home, apartment or dorm room if you have internet access.