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Rare Books Collection at the Center for Archival Collections: Special Collections A

Overview of the Collection

Special Collection A is an important auxiliary to the Rare Books Collection.  Most of the works housed here are materials needing special handling or protection because they are fragile or contain fine prints, slides, and unbound plates. 

Subject strengths include British theater and ballet, occult fiction, early periodicals, ephemera judged to be primary research material, and selected paperbacks, including the Penguin and Pelican series, as well as those with high monetary value. Other interesting sub-collections include the Maxfield Parrish collection. 

Art/Art History

In addition to the Art materials housed in the Main Stacks, SCA has a wide collection of materials related to the history and study of art. Highlights in the collection include, exhibition catalogs, high quality art books with reprints from famous artists (Dali, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Klimt, Picasso, etc.), and museum collection catalogs. Materials in the collection include both western and non-western art. 2-D and 3-D, including decorative arts catalogs are also represented. 

In addition to these works, the SCA collection also holds materials by BGSU alum, Rick Valicenti. 


Theatre, Opera and Ballet

Rick Valicenti Collection

A graduate of Bowling Green State University, in 1973, Rick Valicenti is a graphic designer. The Valicenti collection consists of commerical representations of Valicenti's work in journals/periodicals, original pieces, and slides of Polish posters (commerical, theatrical, etc.).  

This collection is still being cataloged.