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ACS 2500: Cultural Pluralism: Finding Articles

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These are just a few databases that you might find useful.  Many others are available from our menu of All Databases.

Peer Reviewed or Scholarly FAQ


What are scholarly or peer reviewed articles?

Professors often require students to find scholarly and peer reviewed articles. These items:

  • generally focus on scholarly research
  • are written by experts in the field or discipline
  • are critically reviewed  by other experts before publication
  • contain cited references to the information sources used

How do I find scholarly or peer reviewed articles?

Many of the library's databases contain scholarly or peer reviewed material and allow you to limit your search to include only these articles in the results. Use the advanced search feature in a database to find the option to limit to this type of search.

Click here for more information on scholarly, popular and trade publications.

Subject Headings or Keywords for Asian American studies

To search for articles on Asian Americans, the most common term used is, of course, Asian Americans in many databases.  However, there are others you can use.

Broader terms

  • Asians
  • Minority groups
  • Ethnic groups

Narrower or very specific terms

  • Pacific Islanders
  • Chinese Americans
  • Korean Americans
  • Filipino Americans
  • Japanese Americans
  • Cambodians
  • Hmong People
  • Indochinese
  • Laotians
  • Pacific Americans
  • Vietnamese People
  • Asian American Students