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SPAN 2700: Introduction to Latin American Culture: Latin America in the US Media

This guide contains links to databases and resources that will help you complete your group project and final paper.

Establish Context: Scholarly Articles

You can use Summon to search for scholarly articles. Follow these steps:

1.  Search for your topic, including the country name.

2.  Apply two facets to find a scholarly, online article:

  • Items with full-text online
  • Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review

VIDEO EXAMPLE: scholarly articles published since 2009

NOTE: Even after you limit your results to "scholarly," you must be sure to evaluate sources you want to use and make sure the sources you select match your instructor's expectations.

Establish Context: NGOs

Find background information about your news story published by a Non-Government Organization (NGO). You can either search Google with the acronym NGO, the name of the country, and your news item.  Look for results from URLs that contain .org 

Sample search in Google: NGO Brazil "Belo Monte"

Questions? Ask a librarian

Identifying an Event

Although it is NOT a source of US news, the BBC maintains a web site that provides information about countries all over the world, along with a timeline of key events for each country.  If you are trying to identify an event, use this site to explore significant moments in each country. Once you click on the name of the country, look to the right-hand side of the page for a link that says Timeline: A Chronology of Key Events, and scroll to the bottom of the page for the most recent events.

LexisNexis Academic: Finding Sources of US News

While there are many ways to find stories in newspapers online, you will be able to efficiently access full-text US newspapers using LexisNexis Academic. Watch this brief video to learn the steps to searching just US newspapers and not other sources around the world.

New Functionality: LexisNexis Academic now makes it possible to create permanent links to individual articles. For more information, check out the wiki article about the new Permalinking Icon.

VIDEO EXAMPLE: Sample search for articles about hydroelectric dams in Brazil

Or refer to these screen captures:

Screen 1

LexisNexis Academic search screen with an arrow pointing at news, says start by clicking on news.

Screen 2

LexisNexis Academic search screen with an arrow pointing to all news, which reads then, click on all news.

Screen 3

1. Enter search terms. 2. Select US Newspapers and Wires. 3. Select the country radio button and then 4. Select country the news is about 5. click on search

Screen 4

LexisNexis Academic search screen with an arrow that reads Click on newspapers to narrow results