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SPAN 2700: Introduction to Latin American Culture: MLA Citation Style

This guide contains links to databases and resources that will help you complete your group project and final paper.

MLA--Handbook (Undergraduates)

MLA Guidelines

An online guide created by BGSU Libraries for the most commonly cited sources.

Citation Generators

Use a citation generator when you need to create a bibliography. These user-friendly, easy-to-use tools create individual citations that must copied and pasted into a Word document. Be sure to proofread your citations for accuracy, completeness, and correct formatting. Although citation generators can be quite reliable, they are not error proof.

  • NoodleBib Express
    This free version of NoobleBib supports APA or MLA styles. It will prompt you with a series of questions to help you generate the appropriate citation.

  • KnightCite Citation Maker (Heckman Library, Calvin College)
    Supports MLA, APA, and Chicago styles for a wide variety of print and electronic resources.
  • Citation Builder (North Carolina State University)
  • Supports MLA, APA, and Chicago CBE/CSE styles.

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