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Romance Literature and Media: Finding Romance Comics, Magazines, and Movies

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Reference Books

Romance Comic Books

 Romance comic books were very popular with American girls, teens, and women during the 1950s-1970s. They told romantic stories that were similar to those told in popular novels, television, and radio. The BPCL has a large collection of romance comic books in our comic book collection.

Click here to browse romance comic books in our collection.

The BPCL also includes many teen romance comic books from this era.


A few of our longest running romance comic books include:

Romance in Pulp Magazines

Pulp magazines were popular and affordable fiction periodicals in the 1890s-1950s. Many titles were dedicated to specific genres, such as adventure stories, detective and mystery stories, westerns, science fiction... and, of course, romance.

The BPCL has one of the largest collection of pulp magazines in the world, including a large collection of romance pulps. You can browse the titles of our romance pulp magazines here.

Romance in Contemporary Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga

Romance stories can be found in lots of manga, contemporary graphic novels, and other comics. Here are some helpful ways to browse for romance in the BPCL's holdings of manga, graphic novels, and other comics:

Subject search for "Interpersonal relations -- Comic books, strips, etc."

 Genre search for "romance comics"

Here are a few of our popular holdings:

Romance Movies

 The BPCL has a great collection of movies and TV shows on DVD -- including romance. Members of the BGSU community with a valid BGSU ID can check out DVDs from the BPCL's for a few days.

Browse dramatic romances in our DVD collection here.

Browse romantic comedies in our DVD collection here.

Romance Comic Books in Online Databases

Pulp Magazines @ Museums & Libraries

While BGSU's collection of pulps is stellar, there are great collections at other libraries as well.

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