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MUCT 2360: Music Cultures of Central Asia

Research guide to help students complete assignments for MUCT 2360

Popular Music

Scholarship and research on popular music, especially non-Western popular music, always lags behind the production of new pop music itself. If you're writing about a recent performer or type of music, consider consulting the resources below in addition to the more general scholarly sources listed elsewhere on this guide.

Oxford Music Online

Web Resources

Some web sources are more reliable than others, but you may be able to find reviews or commentary about artists from trusted sources. Some places to begin looking are:

Rolling Stone



Additionally, the Discogs website can give detailed information on recordings released by a performer, and usually have links to an artist's or band's website and official social media presence.

Popular music and the global

This list contains books about global popular music generally. To find Items about popular music in particular places, do a subject search in the library catalog for Popular music followed by -- and the name of a country or world area, like these:

Popular Music -- Afghanistan

Popular Music -- Pacific Area

Popular Music -- Ukraine

Or browse this list to find a world area.