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MUCT 2360: Music Cultures of Central Asia

Research guide to help students complete assignments for MUCT 2360

Garland Encyclopedia

Oxford Music Online

Google Scholar

If you're using Google Scholar while off campus, follow these instructions so that it automatically directs you to materials available on campus or through OhioLink!

Ethnomusicology Journals

Searching in the Library Catalog and Summon

You can use the library catalog or Summon to search for books in the library.

Don't forget that you can refine a keyword search by limiting the kinds of materials (books, articles, etc.), the time period in which they were published, or the location (Music Library, Curriculum Resource Center, etc.).

Keyword Searches

 You can do simple keyword searches in Summon or in the library cataog using combinations of words that are relevant to your topic, for instance:

Mongolia and "folk music"

Ukraine and popular music

Searches like these can be a good starting point, but might include some unrelated hits.

Subject/Genre Search

If you're interested in a particular country, world area, or type of music, a subject search in the library catalog filtered to only find library items can be powerful, like the following sample searches:



This search will only turn up books, recordings, or periodicals that are all or mostly about the subject in question. If your searches here don't turn up many relevant hits, consider using a Keyword search instead.

Search for Articles