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Art Education (PreK-12): INFOhio Resources

What is INFOhio?

INFOhio is Ohio's digital library of resources for children in PreK-12 programs. 

Boasting tens of thousands of resources, INFOhio provides platforms for students to conduct meaningful research from reliable sources. Additionally, INFOhio provides thousands of lesson plans, activities, and online content for teachers to create engaging lessons.

INFOhio Logo

INFOhio uses geolocation to enable anyone in Ohio to access these resources. Should a password be needed, scroll to the bottom of the INFOhio webpage and click on Get Password.

Art Education on INFOhio

INFOhio's Educator Tools

Featuring almost 80,000 resources, lesson plans, and activities all aligned to Ohio Content Standards, INFOhio's Educator Tools is a one-stop shop for developing exciting and engaging lessons. 

Not only are these resources free for Ohio educators, they're vetted by educators to ensure the content is valuable and useful.

Search for resources by grade level, subject, and item type. 

Tutorials & Professional Development

INFOhio offers several learning platforms for professional development. Teachers can participate in self-guided learning experiences about INFOhio content or complete face-to-face training to enhance and bolster their teaching skills. 

The INFOhio blog offers up-to-date information about learning opportunities, enhancements to the website, and forthcoming webinars.