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Art Education (PreK-12): Finding Art Books

Finding Art Books in the Catalog

It's possible to search for books related to art by several approaches:

1.) Search by the type of art you're looking for (e.g., murals, portraits, etc.)

2.) Search by the name of an artist (e.g., Frida Kahlo, Basquiat)

3.) Investigate the subject headings in an art book's record - oftentimes, these will direct you to other books about the same topic.

4.) Picture books are an incredible resource to teach technique. To find picture books with techniques, type the phrase "illustrations rendered" (retain the quotation marks around those words!) and then a media (watercolor, color pencils, pastels, etc). Ex: "illustrations rendered" gouache will yield all the picture books we have with gouache as a component of the art. 


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