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Instructions for creating a Wall Street Journal account

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal logoAll current BGSU students, faculty, and staff have online access to, the Wall Street Journal online portal. includes the same articles and images that appear in the print edition, plus additional resources including online-only articles, images, video, audio, graphics, and data content.

  • The digital version of the daily print edition is accessible via an e-Reader app and includes a one-week archive of daily digital print newspapers.
  • Full access to the content from the last 4 years to the present on a rolling basis.
  • Classroom resources for professors and students, including career advice.
  • The WSJ membership includes unlimited digital access to and the WSJ apps. Members can also access curated newsletters, podcasts and exclusive events/offers through WSJ+ including a free ebook monthly.
  • Faculty can also access the WSJ Professor Membership. It has tools and resources including an assessment tool, seminar series, weekly review, critical thinking resources, and workshops. 

Wall Street Journal, (requires BGSU account activated, activation instructions)

New Users

To activate your account (if you don't have a current personal subscription):

  1. Go to
  2. You will be prompted to sign in to the BGSU Single Sign-On (SSO) web page with your email address and password.
  3. sign-in page: 
    1. Account type - select your status: Student, Staff, or Professor.
    2. Email address - use your BGSU email address.  
    3. Password - create a password for (do not use your BGSU password)
  4. Go through a series of prompts to customize your account preferences. You have an option to skip these prompts.
  5. Check your email inbox and click on the confirmation email.
  6. Download apps for your mobile devices if desired.  You may log into multiple devices at the same time.


After your account is activated as described above, you can go directly to  to sign in with your email and WSJ password:


After graduation you will be eligible for a special offer to maintain your own personal WSJ subscription at discounted rates. 

Faculty and Staff

You will need to refresh your access once a year. You will receive a notice via your email a week ahead and be prompted to sign in through BGSU's SSO.

Existing WSJ subscribers

If you have a personal subscription, you may cancel your existing subscription and take advantage of the BGSU-sponsored membership.

  1. Call Customer Service to cancel at 1-800-JOURNAL (1-800-568-7625). 
  2. Give them the email address associated with the active WSJ account, and ask to cancel that account. Cite the reason as "transitioning the account over to a school-sponsored membership at BGSU." Depending on where you are within your payment, you may get a refund or instructed to wait until your account expires (usually within a week or two).
  3. Once the personal subscription is canceled, activate your membership using this link:
  1. If you used your email address for your personal subscription, the registration page will give a warning "It looks like you already have an account.
  2. Click on the blue Sign In link under this message to re-associate this email address with our institutional account.  You will receive a Welcome email from the WSJ confirming your access.

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