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Newspapers: New York Times Online

Newspapers available online via BGSU library

Access The New York Times

Bowling Green State University students, faculty, and staff are eligible for access to the New York Times through a BGSU University Libraries subscription. Access includes, the mobile app, The New York Times inEducation site; and The Learning Network. Your access to The New York Times web site is available from any location, on or off campus. If you have not yet created an account to use the BGSU University Libraries subscription to the New York Times web site, or have other questions please see below for detail. Some NYT content is not included in the University Libraries subscription including:  Games, Cooking, Wirecutter, The Athletic.

Create New York Times Account

If you are using The New York Times for research, we recommend accessing articles through our databases for better search functionality.

New York Times (1980-present) ProQuest Global Newsstream
New York Times (08/01/1980 - present) Nexis Uni
New York Times Historical (1815-2019) New York Times Historical

New Users

BGSU University Libraries and The New York Times have entered a partnership which provides access to many New York Time digital accounts.  The subscription also include access to NYT inEducation and NYT Learning Network.  Examples of the NYT content not included in the University Libraries subscription:  Games, Cooking, Wirecutter, The Athletic.

How do current BGSU affiliates (i.e. students, faculty, and staff with an active BGSU account and password) activate their complimentary accounts?

  • Visit Access NYT
  • If prompted to Find School…, enter Bowling Green State University - Main Campus - Bowling Green, OH.
  • You will be directed to Create Account.
  • Use your email address, and then create a password.  (For security, we recommend NOT using your BGSU password)
  • Faculty/Staff will be provided with an academic pass valid for 4 years. Students will be provided an academic pass valid until December 31, of the graduation year they select. 
  • After you've created your account, you can install the NYT app on your mobile device (phone/tablet) and log in with your BGSU email and NYT password.
  • If you encounter an error message that subscriber can email with

How do I renew my BGSU University Libraries account for the NYT?

Computer Website Renewal:

  • You must visit this Access NYT link for renewal.
  • When renewing on a computer that you regularly use to access, you will often be auto-recognized. If you are not auto-recognized, then:
    • Visit
    • Select Bowling Green State University - Main Campus - Bowling Green, OH from the list of schools.
    • Beneath the Create Account button, use the Log in link.

Mobile App Renewal:

  • If you get stuck in a loop when trying to renew your account on the mobile app, try reinstalling the app.

The Learning Network

The Learning Network is The New York Times’ award-winning curricular tool offering activities for students and resources for teachers. This curricular tool provides dynamic content and activities invaluable for today’s classroom. While geared towards an audience of native English-speaking high schoolers, the lessons, prompts, and activities can fuel critical thinking at different levels and are used by colleges and professors all over the world. 


  • Over 1,000 resources published each year to ensure materials are relevant and up to date
  • Lesson plans
  • News and geography quizzes
  • Student opinion questions 
  • Picture prompts and graph prompts
  • Current events conversations
  • Writing curriculum
  • Contests
  • Professional development webinars

Get started by visiting The Learning Network.

Existing NYT subscribers

EXISTING registered subscribers with ACTIVE PAID subscriptions need to cancel their personal subscription online or by calling 1-800-698-4637 before creating an account. Once the subscription is canceled, they can visit immediately, type in the school name, and follow the instructions based on their location. Since the subscriber “Already has an account " they click “Log In" (Found below "Create an Account"). Input their email address and the same “Password” created for their previous account. If the subscriber encounters an error message that subscriber can email

 Once the subscription is canceled, visit Access NYT and if prompted to Find School…, enter Bowling Green State University - Main Campus - Bowling Green, OH.

If an error occurs, please email    

Please note before cancelling your subscription that not all NYT personal subscription features are included in the BGSU University Libraries subscription. Please review you options carefully before deciding to cancel your own subscription.

Examples of the NYT content not included in the University Libraries subscription:  Games, Cooking, Wirecutter, The Athletic.

Lapsed digital NYT subscribers

Existing registered subscribers that do not have an active NYT subscription can visit Access NYT and if prompted to Find School…, enter Bowling Green State University - Main Campus - Bowling Green, OH.

Since you Already have an account? use the Log in link and log in with your BGSU email address and previous NYT password. If you registered for your paid subscription under another of your email addresses, you can still register for the BGSU University Libraries’ subscription using your BGSU email address via Create Account. If an error occurs, please email

The New York Times inEducation

inEducation is The New York Times’ curricular tool, designed to help university professors and students connect what’s happening in the news with their studies. Across 16 disciplines of study, leading professors contribute weekly posts featuring a piece of journalism and prompts for discussion, exploration, and analysis. These prompts can be used by professors in their lesson planning to help bring current events into the classroom or can be shared with students to spark conversation and debate.

Features at a Glance

  • 16 disciplines
  • Weekly updates by faculty contributors
  • Questions for discussion and analysis
  • General instructional strategies
  • Leadership focus

Get started by visiting New York Times inEducation.