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Improving Student Research: Introduction

Co-Facilitator Nicole Kalaf-Hughes Preps for the Teaching & Learning Fair

Facilitator Nicole Kalaf-Hughes cuts out labels for presentation


This guide was modified from a guide created by Thomas Heverin at Temple University. Permission was granted to replicate its contents and to make revisions specific to the BGSU environment.

The Sample Assignments rubric was modified from one developed by a faculty learning community at Miami University on research fluency.  

About this Guide

Faculty at BGSU formed a learning community through the campus Center for Teaching and Learning to explore ways to improve students’ abilities to contend with obstacles inherent in the research project. This guide pulls together the readings on student research habits and recommendations from faculty about how to improve the student research experience.

2012-2013 Learning Community Members

Learning Community Facilitators:
Coleen Boff, University Libraries
Vera Lux, UL

Faculty Members:

Colleen Boff, UL
Catherine Cassara, Journalism/PR
Lynn Darby, Exercise Physiology
Elizabeth Fleitz Kuechenmeister, GSW
Cheryl Hoy, GSW
Nicole Kalaf-Hughes, Political Science
Cynthia Mahaffey, GSW and Women's Studies

2011-2012 Learning Community Members

Learning Community Facilitators:
Colleen Boff, University Libraries
Cathi Cardwell, Fall, UL
Vera Lux, Spring, UL

Faculty Members:
Catherine Cassara, Journalism/PR
Jacquelyn Cuneen, HMSLS
Beatrice Guenther, ROCS/French
Cheryl Hoy, GSW
Rebecca Pobocik, SFCS
Ann Westrick, GSW

Photo of the 2011-2012 Faculty Learning Community

Learning Community Participants

Pictured left to right: Colleen Boff; Catherine Cassara; Ann Westrick; Cheryl Hoy; Jacquelyn Cuneen; Beatrice Guenther; Vera Lux; Rebecca Pobocik.