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POLS 4260: Law and Society: Citation Tracing

Bibliographic Tracing

Citation tracing, or bibliographic tracing, is a process in which researchers use existing citation information to track down and identify relevant literature on a particular topic. This involves searching for references cited in existing literature, as well as searching for works that have cited the original sources. The goal of bibliographic tracing is to build a comprehensive and current set of literature on a topic and to identify gaps in the literature.

Looking backward. Finding Cited References

Review the reference lists of the best articles you have found on your topic and look for additional sources that you may have missed. Use the Finding Known Items tab to locate the full text of these sources.

Looking forward. Cited Reference Searching

To find who has cited an article since publication, first locate it in Google Scholar.  Under the citation information there will be hyperlinked text that reads Cited By.  Clicking this will return all references in Google Scholar that have cited your original article.


image of a google scholar citation showing the Cited by link