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Legislative Process Resources: Committee Hearings & Prints

This guide explains the various documents that are produced during the legislative process and points to where they can be found in BGSU Libraries and electronically (subscription & free).

Finding Committee Hearings & Prints

Committee hearings proceedings are held to gather opinions and information to help committee members make decisions regarding proposed legislation or to help them fulfill their oversight and investigation responsibilities.  Hearings usually include:

  • Written and oral statements of witnesses
  • Transcripts of the verbal question-and-answer session between the committee and witnesses
  • Reports, exhibits, and other materials submitted for the record by witnesses
  • Correspondence and other materials submitted by interested parties

Committee Prints (the committee's working papers) often provide historical research background on legislative topics.

The text of selected hearing testimony and committee prints are available online as listed below.

Key Legislative Databases

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See Databases tab above for descriptions and additional databases.

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