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HIST 2210: North American Indigenous Peoples

This guide is intended as a point to departure for research in history. You will find search strategies and writing resources to help guide you through your HIST 2210 writing project.

Finding Books

There are several ways to get books at the library and the best place to start is the library catalog. 

Searching for Books

Books give you more in-depth background than encyclopedias and dictionaries. Use library catalogs to find titles on your topic.
BGSU Libraries Catalog
Start with the BGSU Libraries Catalog to search for items owned by the BGSU Libraries. Items in the catalog include books, journal titles, newspapers, government documents, sound recordings and more. If your aren't finding what you want in the catalog, ask a library staff member for help.
Subject Headings include:

  • Indians of North America
  • Indians of North America--Canada
  • Specific names, places, or events such as:
    • Rosebud Indian Reservation
    • Kickapoo Indians
    • Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief 1768-1813
    • Wounded Knee Massacre SD 1890.

Word Searches:

  • Use single terms or phrases: Shamans, Anasazi, Code talkers, etc. Or combine terms to narrow your search:
    • Women Indians
    • Indians Health
    • Indians Education History
    • Custer Little Bighorn
    • Indians Diaries
    • Canada Indians
    • (Aboriginal or Native) and Canada

Reference Books

Reference books provide background information to help you put your research in context. They include encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc. Below are just a few reference books we have on Native Americans in the Jerome Library.