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Film & Media Studies Resources: Reviews

Best practices in film analysis and research resources in Film and Media Studies.

Finding reviews in EBSCO databases

EBSCO databases

In EBSCO, search for "reviews" as a "subject term" across all the EBSCO databases at one time. Combine it with the title of the film, the director, or other search terms. The search below gives over 200,000 reviews across all the EBSCO databases. Ebsco search highlighting subject terms: change the dropdown to 'subject terms'

You can also search the following relevant EBSCO databases individually:

Finding reviews in the New York Times

New York Times

You can find the full text of reviews in the New York Times published between 1851 and four years ago in the New York Times Historical. Go to the advanced search screen and choose "Review" as the document type.

ProQuest search highlighting search options: Search for a title, director, actor, etc. as a keyword, choose review under document type

Search the most recent four years of the New York Times in ProQuest Global Newsstream. Again, go to advanced search and choose document type "Reviews." The search below is set up to search just the New York Times (1980-present) and limit by document type "Reviews."

ProQuest search highlighting search terms: Put your search terms after the pubid that appears in the search box. They do not need to be in quotes.

Finding Reviews in Other Newspapers

You can find contemporary reviews in newspapers other than the New York Times in ProQuest Global Newsstream and Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis).

In ProQuest Global Newsstream, use the advanced search and limit to review (see the screenshot above for the New York Times).

In Nexis Uni, choose "news" on the search screen and add "review" to a keyword search. Reviews are not a document type you can limit to in Nexis Uni.

Choose "news" on the left in Nexis Uni, and include the word reviews in your search

Finding reviews in reference books

Websites for reviews