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English Language Arts Education (PreK-12): Reading CRC Call Numbers

Reading Fiction Call Numbers

fiction call number begins with a locator tool (JUV, CURR) and is immediately followed by the author's last name and first name.

JUV Morales, Yuyi

Following the author's name are the first two letters of the book's title. Therefore, on the shelf, all books are in alphabetical order by author, and if the author has more than one book, all their books are also in alphabetical order.

JUV Morales, Yuyi Ni

Finally, all call numbers are appended by a copyright year.

JUV Morales, Yuyi Ni 2013

Reading Biography Call Numbers

biography call number begins with a locator tool (JUV, CURR) and is immediately followed by the number 92 or 920.

  • 92s are biographies about a single person (e.g., Frederick Douglass). The 92 will be followed by the last name of the person who the biography is about. JUV 92 Simone is a biography about Nina Simone. 
  • 920s are collective biographies about two or more people (e.g., Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln; The Beatles; social justice activists). The 920 will be followed by the last name of the author who wrote the biography. JUV 920 Pinkney is a collective biography by Andrea Davis Pinkney. If the subjects of the collective biography share a last name, the 920 will be followed by that last name. JUV 920 Darwin is a collective biography about Charles & Emma Darwin. 

A copyright year will append the call number.

JUV 92 Simone 2017

JUV 920 Pinkney 2012

Reading Nonfiction Call Numbers

nonfiction call number begins with a locator tool (JUV, CURR) and is immediately followed by a Dewey number.

The Dewey number is followed by a combination of letters and numbers, which indicate the author's last name and the title of the book. JUV 782.42164 W3632ro is a nonfiction book (782.42164) written by Carole Boston Weatherford (W3623) titled The Roots of Rap (ro).

Often a copyright year will append the call number.

Dewey Main Classes

The Ten Main Classes of Dewey

000 • Computer science, general works, and information

100 • Philosophy and psychology 

200 • Religion

300 • Social sciences

400 • Language

500 • Science

600 • Technology

700 • Arts and recreation

800 • Literature

900 • History and geography

Relevant Call Numbers

These are Dewey call numbers that are related to both English/language arts and education. 

To learn more about Dewey numbers, please visit this guide

370 Sections • Education

370 • Education

371 • Schools and their activities and special education

372 • Primary education (elementary education)

373 • Secondary education

374 • Adult education

375 • Curricula

378 • Higher education

379 • Public policy issues in education

400 Divisions

400 • Language

410 • Linguistics

420 • English and Old English languages

430 • German and related languages

440 • French and related languages

450 • Italian, Romanian, and related languages

460 • Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician

470 • Latin and Italic languages

480 • Classical and modern Greek languages

490 • Other languages

800 Divisions

800 • Literature, rhetoric, and criticism

810 • American literature in English

820 • English and Old English literatures

830 • German and related literatures

840 • French and related literatures

850 • Italian, Romanian, and related literatures

860 • Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician literatures

870 • Latin and Italic literatures

880 • Classical and modern Greek literatures

890 • Other literatures