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Comics and Graphic Novels: Finding Comics

Find out what the BPCL has in comics/graphic novels and how to find them!

Catalog Searches

These are basic searches for comics:

Searching the Catalogs for Books

To find books, you can search the three main catalogs:

How to find comics


The BPCL has over 50,000 comics, all of which can be searched in the library catalog.  To find them, search by title, subject, or keyword (e.g. character).  Try the box to the left for basic subject searches in the catalog.  See below for other ideas and examples.  Feel free to try your own keywords or subjects.

Comics in the BPCL are usually cataloged like periodicals.  This means that individual authors and artists are not usually searchable, since the catalog record is for entire series'.

Searching by character - examples (try any character!)

Searching by artist/author - example (try any artist!)

Reference books on comics

See below for a selected list of books on comics.