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Find out what the BPCL has in comics/graphic novels and how to find them!

Did you know...?

...that University Libraries has their own comics, as well as a graphic novel?  Really!! Here's the URL:

How to Look at Comics in the BPCL

  • Our hours are more limited than the main floor, but we're open late on Monday and Tuesday.
  • We're an archive/repository, so most of our materials cannot be checked out.
  • Most of our collection is not open for browsing. You need to request materials at our reference desk with your university ID or a photo ID. You will also need to fill out a request form.
  • The reference collection is open for browsing! It's the best place to get started with comics research.
  • We have a copier available for copying materials that cannot be checked out - you just need a BG1 card. A scanner is also available, but at no charge.

Comics & Graphic Novels in the BPCL

The comic book collection in the BPCL, 50,000+ strong and still growing, is divided into two collections - the general and the Bravard.  Each collection includes commercially produced comics, magazine-style comics and independent/underground comics.  The time period ranges from the 1930's to the present.  Some titles are also available on microfiche to supplement missing and/or particular old issues.  All title and issues can be found in the library catalog.

BGSU's comic book collection has been built throughout the past 40 years and is largely dependent upon donations from the public.  It includes comics related to superheroes (i.e. Superman, Batman), cartoon characters (i.e. Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny), westerns (e.g. Jonah Hex), romances, science fiction, mysteries, and other genres.  The collection is used for entertainment and research purposes.  Other topics include, but are not limited to: Classics Illustrated series, TV and movie tie-ins, Obama/Kennedy/Biden.

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We're on the 4th floor of Jerome Library.

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Call us at 419-372-2450.