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Curriculum Resource Center Tour: Teaching Aids


The Teaching Aid area of the CRC located behind the accordion gates near the Information and Lending Desk contains a variety of materials such as:

  • educational kits and manipulatives

  • games

  • puppets

  • pop-ups

Most of these materials may be checked out for three weeks with one renewal. 


Educational Kits and Materials

The teaching aid collection contains educational material such as manipulatives, kits, and interactive sets. Examples of such materials include flash cards, big books, puppets, games, models, globes, maps, reading rods, etc. Teaching aids are arranged by call number and then by manufacturer within a designated call number. Be sure to browse all of the shelves in any given call number. Use the signage on the end panels of the shelving units to identify content areas or use the catalog with this search strategy: “curr ta” and [insert your key word]. For example, “curr ta” and addition.  There are approximately 2,600 teaching aids in this part of the collection. This collection is only accessible during the CRC hours.

Ellison Machine & Die Cuts

The CRC has several large and small die cut machines and hundreds of die cuts to choose from. This resource is typically used to make cutouts of letters, number and other shapes for bulletin boards and is available during CRC hours.  

The fee to use the Ellison die cut machine is $2.00 per semester (plus tax) for individuals. Community members may purchase a subscription to use this service with cash or credit card. Those affiliated with BGSU may pay with cash, credit card or their BG1 card. BGSU departmental groups of five or more may purchase a subscription for $10 per semester (plus tax). For departmental subscriptions, please email us a written document on office letterhead with the following information: department code, fund number, account number, program code, names of individuals from the department who will be using the Ellison die cut machines, and a signature of the person who is the primary contact for the group.