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Research Materials about Bowling Green, Ohio: Home

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  • Photograph Collections
  • Research, Articles, and Printed Materials
  • Manuscripts
  • Post Cards
  • Newspapers
  • Local Government


  • Maps and oversized printed materials

Photograph Collections

  • MS-91             Irven I. Freyman (1884-1956)
  • MS-304           Ohio Historical Society Preservation Office negatives (1976-1986)
  • MS-336           Max Shaffer (1886-1924) – (Wood County oil boom)
  • MS-343           William Hague (Interurban BG etc.)
  • MS-453           Robert Byler (1960-2000 )
  • MS-617           Paul Schmitz (1900-1936)
  • MS-1065         Yvonne Slyker Cave (BGSU)
  • MMS-509       Gladys Gangware Perry (1915-1916) BGSU photo album
  • MMS-890       Daybrook Hydraulic Corporation (1939-1948)
  • MMS-947       S.P. Stewart and Son Architects  c. 1920
  • MMS-948       Dale Thiebaut
  • MMS-1035     Joseph J. Arpad slides
  • MMS-1181     Carr Family (1880-1930)
  • MMS-2085     Photos of residents of BG and Toledo
  • Photo(s) of construction of the Wood County District Public Library (see catalog and Ohio Memory)
  • Wood County Genealogical Society – Geraldine Cox Thomasson Collection - ovsz. BG photos of fairgrounds, industry and road contractors

Research, Articles, and Printed Material


  • POG 1886      “Bowling Green: A City of Contrasts” BG Chamber of Commerce, 1973
  • POG 2044      History of Bowling Green by Irene Barchkert (juvenile lit.)
  • POG 2591      Souvenir of Bowling Green the Beautiful Crystal City, 190?
  • POG 2187, 2188, 2189, 2190, 2191, 2192, 2193, 2194         BGTopics: court house, churches, buildings, banking, government, entertainment, fires, detention home
  • Walker photo book on Bowling Green, 1908
  • OGF499B73H45C.2  Bowling Green, Ohio:  Evolution and Function by G. Rex Henrickson, Thesis, U. of California, 1950

Black Swamp and Settlement

  • POG 1006       Black Swamp by M.R. Kaatz
  • POG 4386      “Oak Grove Cemetery’s Role in Civilizing a ‘Sandy Village’ by James A. Kaser, northwest Ohio Quarterly, Vol. 68 #1, Winter 1996
  • OGF499B73H45C.2  Bowling Green, Ohio:  Evolution and Function by G. Rex Henrickson, Thesis, U. of California, 1950

Bowling Green Residents

  • POG 2201      “My First 90 Years: A Collection of Autobiographical Trivia, 1890-1980 by one of Ohio’s least distinguished citizens (John Kelly Raney)

Clubs and Organizations

  • POG 5456      Bowling Green Odd Fellows Centennial Lodge # 626 by-laws, 1910

Gas and Oil Boom

  • POG 2213      “The Effect of the Gas and Oil Boom on the Individuality of Bowling Green Architecture,” by Ted Ligibel, 1980


Architecture and BG Buildings

  • MS-817           Ohio Historic Preservation Office (BG historic building information) See also MS-304 for photos and contact prints
  • POG 2149      202 North Grove history
  • POG 2150      943 Conneaut history
  • POG 2157      135 North Grove history
  • POG 2213      “The Effect of the Gas and Oil Boom on the Individuality of Bowling Green Architecture,” by Ted Ligibel, 1980
  • POG 2592      Public Buildings of Modern Bowling Green, 1905
  • POG 5279      BG city article appearing in Toledo Critic, 1-15-1898 (rare images of buildings and interiors)
  • POG 5383      307 East Wooster history
  • POG 5418      BG residential histories for 943 Conneaut, 135 & 202 N. Grove, 307 E. Wooster


  • POG 5029      Heinz Plant agreement with meat cutters
  • POG 5032      Heinz Plant greeting card etc.
  • POG 5141      Heinz Plant 1963 – Photos of BG plant workers
  • POG               Heinz Plant picnic programs
  • POG 5142      Heinz Plant – Co. recognition booklets (see also CAC-VIDEO 225 about Heinz)
  • POG 5464      Heinz Plant – 1927 company picnic at Vollmar’s Park
  • POG 5465      Heinz Plant – 1928 company picnic at Vollmar’s Park

Health Care

  • POG 5460      Public Health Nursing – A Century of Caring – The Wood County Experience, 1893-1993
  • MS-1036         Wood Lane


  • POG 5390      Kenwood Elementary School dedication, 1954
  • POG 5451      South Main Street School farewell banquet, 2005           


Profile Photo
Michelle Sweetser
528 Jerome Library
Subjects: History, Local

Post cards


  • See CAC Newspaper Guide
  • Toledo Blade index 1925-1938
  • Sentinel-Tribune sesquicentennial edition, October 1, 1983

Local Government

See CAC Local Government Records Guide:

  • Wood County Court of Common Pleas Journal
  • Wood County Auditor early land records
  • BG City Council minutes
  • BG jail register
  • MS-659           WPA – Ohio Historical Records Survey 1936 includes BG (NW Oh.)
  • MMS-391       WPA Housekeeping Aides Circular
  • MMS-1243 MF          Charles Bach murder trial transcript
  • POG 5168      “A History of the Wood County Relief Administration”, J.K. Raney, editor, 1935?
  • POG 5461      Wood County Board of Election – members and clerks, 1891-1983
  • POG 5473      Wood County Sheriff’s Office and History of Wood County Jail by Wood County Fair Committee, 1998-1999

Maps and oversized printed materials

  • Caricature maps of Bowling Green (Map 18-12)
  • POG 3399f     Wood County 1820-1910: an Historical/Industrial Portfolio by Wood County Democrat, 1910
  • POG 3325f     Roll of Honor for Wood County WWI veterans 



  • MS-3          Union Grange #1475 (1898-1962 scattered)
  • MS-215      Wood County Cooperative Extension Service (Four H etc.) (1922-1975)
  • MS-502      Grace Wagner (BG cookbook) (overlap with MS-215) (1925-1956)
  • MS-1159     Wood County Agricultural Agency (1940-1944) (Migrant workers)


  • MS-10             Wood County Monumental Works (1907-1954)
  • MS-380           Buckeye Traction Ditcher (founded in BG in 1893) (1900-1988)
  • MS-1025         Millikin, Uhlman, Nader Families
  • MS-1031         Chidester-Baldwin Families
  • MS-1045         William Insull (Tomato Festival photos) (utilities properties manager) (1922-1942)
  • MMS-1699, 1700, 1701, 1702         Heinz Plant worker interviews (1979)


  • MS-1213            Plain Congregational (1835-1973) (MS-71 MF) (MS-1213 unprocessed contains documents up to 2017)
  • MS-199 MF*      Trinity United Methodist (1894-1993)
  • MS-312 MF        First Presbyterian (1882-1974)
  • MS-420 MF        Saint Aloysius (1877-1998)
  • MS-425 MF        Hope Lutheran (1910-1985)
  • MS-331 MF        St. Thomas More University Parrish (1966-2002)


  • MS-81          BG Education Association (1954-1978)
  • MS-96          Ivan “Doc” Lake (BG, BGSU)
  • MS-102        Clayton C. Kohl (BG Town and Gown documents. Town and Gown Collection at Wood County Public Library) (1900-1938)
  • MS-290         Faculty Dames/University Women (1930-1990)
  • MS-350         Evelyn Steidtmann (Mrs. Bridge) (1944-1994)
  • MS-453         Bob Byler (Journalism professor, documented downtown B.G. preservation efforts and Wood County History)
  • MS-508         Faculty Women’s Club of BGSU (1931-1987)
  • MS-541         Wood County Retired Teachers Association (1969-2003)
  • MS-583         Harold Obee (BG theaters) (1906-1988)
  • MS-636         Charles Barrell (BG City Council member 1967-1981)
  • MS-642         BGSU Faculty and Student Folklore Collection (BG folktales and 1976 Black Swamp Festival)
  • MS-660         Women’s League BGSU, Women’s Self-Government Association, Association of Women Students (1918-1970)
  • MS-674         Clare Martin (BGSU science prof.) (1923-1953)
  • MS-704         Mickey (Maxine) Campbell Welker (BGSU in the 1940’s)
  • MS-708         Pearson Games (BGSU Trivia and BGopoly)
  • MS-975         Lyle Fletcher Collection (BGSU geography professor, Wood Co. historian)
  • MS-991         Frances Wolf Galloway (BGSU In the 1940’s)
  • MS-1091       Margit Heskett (1920’s-2008, BGSU faculty)
  • MS-1186       Ridge Street School Collection
  • MS-1207       H. Hall Collection (BGSU chemistry professor – BGSU during WWII)
  • MMS-329      May Lambert
  • MMS-503      South Main Street School scrapbooks
  • MMS-1020    O.G.S. – Wood County Chapter (Wood Co. Schoolhouse Project – 1988)
  • MMS-1671    Dorothy Sarver scrapbook (1934-1937 BGSU)
  • MMS-1681    Martha Alice Harvey Parquette (BGSU scrapbook) (1913-1915)
  • MMS-1787    Frances M. Travis scrapbook (BGSU 1930-1932)
  • MMS-1835    Marjorie Louise Hartman scrapbook (B.G. Centennial program and proposed closing of BGSC in 1933)
  • MMS-2081    BG High School publications and ephemera
  • UA-EMC       Educational Memorabilia Collection (Wood County Schools)


  • MS-185         Martha Rogers Waugh (rural BG family.  Includes information about the First Presbyterian Church)
  • MS-493         A. Lowell Randall (war correspondence 1942-1945)
  • MS-513         Rev. Edwin E. Rogers (Presbyterian Church)
  • MS-689         Charles Sumner Van Tassel family (1804-1983) (early Wood County)
  • MS-780         Mildred Taylor McKnight? (father mayor of BG)
  • MS-781         Don Simmons
  • MS-1025       Virginia Uhlman Nader Papers (Uhlman, Nader, Millikin,Baldwin family)
  • MS-1202       Minniebelle Conley Collection
  • MS-72           William Pratt Family (early Wood County)
  • MS-128 MF   O.G.S. – Wood County Chapter – First Families
  • MS-446 MF   William Henry Gorrill (1857-1950’s)
  • MMS-1440    John K. Raney (BG and BGSU architect)
  • MMS-1873    Helen E. Urschel Janzer (BGHS scrapbook and photos of Urshel Apartments under construction)
  • MMS-2062    Cygnet, Max Shafer, and the Wood County oil boom


  • MS-503          Fred Adams (first man to enroll at BGSU in 1914) (Lincoln Drugstore wreckage photos)
  • MS-546          Delbert Latta (BG lawyer and U.S. Congressman)
  • MS-692          Wood County Sheriff Pratt scrapbook 1930’s Prohibition news clippings
  • MS-1149        Bruce Bellard Collection (Mayor of BG)
  • MS-1228        Wood County Civil Defense
  • MMS-434       Myrna Belle Reece Hanna (photocopies of newsclippings)
  • MMS-1065     Wood County Sheriff Witte scrapbook 1930’s Prohibition news clippings
  • MMS-2070     Wood County Auditor’s militia roll
  • MMS-2108     Wood County war-time home front
  • MMS-2087     Wood County political campaign memorabilia
  • MS-1076 MF  Latty Collection contains some information for 1865 legal case regarding disputed election results pertaining to the Wood County seat relocation from Perrysburg to Bowling Green

Women's Resources

  • MS-98             Esther Brisbin
  • MS-139           BG Chapter of the League of Women Voters (1952-)
  • MS-186           Woman’s Club of BG (1921-)
  • MS-188           Myrtle Mitchell Manecke  (BG Centennial parade photos)
  • MS-191           Soroptimist International – BG Chapter (1944-1980)
  • MS-240           International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons (Silver Cross Circle)
  • MS-244           Daughters of the American Revolution
  • MS-249           Shakespeare Round Table (BG program year books 1911-
  • MS-352           Katheryn Ziegler Jeska
  • MS-365           Sorosis Club (1934-2000)
  • MS-411           Business and Professional Women’s Club of BG
  • MS-481           Delphian Society, Beta Chapter of BG (1923-1985)
  • MS-498           Woman’s Relief Corps, Wiley Post #85 (BG chapter 1885-1974)
  • MS-590           American Business Women’s Association
  • MS-706           PEO Club
  • MS-760           Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Nu Chapter of BG (1939-1988)
  • MS-761           First Ladies Investment Club
  • MS-804           BG Country Club Golferettes
  • MS-1034         Beta Sigma Phi (social sorority)
  • MS-1065         Yvonne Slyker Cave (BGSU)
  • MS-1157         Wood County Hospital Guild (see also MMS-424f)
  • MS-1202         Minniebelle Conley
  • MS-1209         Zonta Club of Bowling Green
  • MMS-396       Women’s Christian Temperance Union (Wood Co.?)
  • MMS-562,563 Eliza Jane Hampton diary and papers
  • MMS-1671     Dorothy Sarver scrapbook (1934-1937 BGSU)
  • MMS-1835     Marjorie L. Hartman scrapbook ( includes proposed closing of BGSC in 1933)
  • MMS-2105     BG American Legion Auxiliary, Wood County Post #45, records 1923- 197
  • MMS-1768f    Nellie Willard Lincoln scrapbooks of theater travels

Clubs and Organizations (See also Women's Resources)

  • MS-25             Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce (1940-)
  • MS-305           Black Swamp Players
  • MS-410           American National Red Cross of Wood County
  • MS-520           GAR Wiley Post 46 BG
  • MS-671           Wood County Hospital Association (planning of Wood Co. Hospital)
  • MS-672           Friends of Wood County Park District
  • MS-934           BG Rotary Club (inventory only)
  • MS-977           Junto Club of BG (similar to the Town and Gown Club) (1933-2000)
  • MS-982           Black Swamp Arts Festival
  • MS-1052         Kiwanis (inventory only)
  • MS-140 MF    BG Country Club (1959-1979 minutes)
  • MMS-2061     Bowling Green Masonic lodges
  • MMS-2101     BG American Legion, Wood County Post #45, photos  

*MF = microfilm