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Filk Music: Archival Collections

Guide for finding resources on filk music.

Filk Archival Collections at BGSU

The Popular Culture Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives both have archival collections related to filk material. Please visit us on-site to access these materials.

Wail Songs Collection

The Wail Songs Collection (MUSIC-067) consists of the remaining 43 audiotape masters from the filk label Wail Songs made between 1982 and 1991. The masters are mostly recordings live performances at filk and science fiction/fantasy conventions from the 1980s.

The Robert "Buck" Coulson Collection

The Robert "Buck" Coulson Collection at the Browne Popular Culture Library (MS-0222) consists of programs and related materials for science fiction and filk music conventions from the 1970s through 2012, accumulated by Robert "Buck" Coulson and his wife, Juanita Coulson.

Buck and Juanita Coulson Collection

The Buck and Juanita Coulson Collection at the Bill Schurk Sound Archives (MUSIC 046) primarily consists of audiotape masters for much of the Off Centaur label's catalog, including live and studio performances for releases beginning in 1980 and ending in the late 1980s. In addition to commercially-released items, some of these tapes also contain non-album tracks, alternate takes, and other material that was not released commercially. There is scant accompanying paper documentation, containing recording dates, personnel, and notes by audio engineers, though this documentation does not exist for all reels. In addition to the audio content, there is also some material that documents publications in the filk community in the 1980s, many of which are related to Off Centaur's recordings, including submissions for zines likely published through Off Centaur and/or Firbird Arts. There are also some zines, convention materials, and other publications.

Jennifer Donaldson Milewski Collection of Filk Research Material

This Jennifer Donaldson Milewski Collection of Filk Research Material at the Bill Schurk Sound Archives (MUSIC-029) contains material related to the genre of "filk", a music culture characterized by songwriting based on science fiction, fantasy and horror themes. The collection includes Jennifer Donaldson Milewski's field recordings, convention programs, filk songbooks, notes, thesis drafts, correspondence, and interviews. Of particular note are Milewski's interviews with big-name filkers such as Joey Shoji, Kathy Mar, Leslie Fish and Cynthia McQuillen.

Other filk archives