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POLS 3310: State and Local Government: Step 1: Your Legislator

Ohio State Legislators

Other States

Finding State District Information Using Social Explorer

  1. Select Tables. Because the 2020 Census information is still preliminary, we will use American Community Surveys (5 year estimates).
  2. ACS 2016-2020 Begin Report
  3. Use the geography dropdown to locate either 610 State Legislative District (Upper Chamber) or 620 State Legislative District (Lower Chamber)
  4. Select your State
  5. Select your specific district and Add
  6. Proceed to Tables
  7. You can select up to 100 tables at once. Either browse through the list and choose the tables of interest or use the shift key to select many tables. You can repeat the process to select more tables later. Add
  8. Show Results
  9. Switch to the Excel Tab. Download to Excel 2007.

If you want additional information you can use the breadcrumb menu above to return to Tables. Remove your previous tables and select new ones. Repeat Excel download.



Finding State District Information Using the Census/ACS

  1. Select the Advanced Search option
  2. Choose the Geography filter
  3. Locate the geography for State Legislative District (Upper Chamber) or State Legislative District (Lower Chamber). You must know this information before proceeding.
  4. Choose your State
  5. You can choose your district on the next list, but I would recommend that you instead select All State Legislative Districts (Upper/Lower within State)
  6. Choose a table from the list of results or search for a table/variable (see below for popular tables)

Popular Tables

Households by Type; Relationship; Marital Status; Fertility; Grandparents; School Enrollment; Educational Attainment; Veteran Status; Disability Status; Residence 1 Year Ago (Moved); Place Of Birth; Citizenship Status; Year of Entry; World Region of Birth of Foreign Born; Language Spoken at Home; Ancestry; Computers and Internet Use

Employment Status; Commuting to Work; Occupation; Industry; Class Of Worker; Income And Benefits; Health Insurance Coverage; Poverty

Housing Occupancy; Units in Structure; Year Structure Built; Rooms; Bedrooms; Housing Tenure; Year Householder Moved into Unit; Vehicles Available; House Heating Fuel; Selected Characteristics; Occupants per Room; Value; Mortgage Status; Selected Monthly Owner Costs; Gross Rent

Sex and age; Race; Hispanic/Latino; Citizen/voting age population

Other Sources for Finding District Information