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Resources used for researching food and nutrition topics at Bowling Green State University

Chemical Substance Information

Four Moves for Evaluation

Four Moves

  1. Check for previous work: Look around to see if someone else has already fact-checked the claim or provided a synthesis of research.
  2. Go upstream to the source: Go “upstream” to the source of the claim. Most web content is not original. Get to the original source to understand the trustworthiness of the information.
  3. Read laterally: Read laterally. Once you get to the source of a claim, read what other people say about the source (publication, author, etc.). The truth is in the network.
  4. Circle back: If you get lost, hit dead ends, or find yourself going down an increasingly confusing rabbit hole, back up and start over knowing what you know now. 

(Adapted from Excerpts from the book, Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers, by Michael Caufield. CC