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Disney: Special Collections

Disney is one of the most well-known names in the world of popular culture. The productions and products range from The Golden Girls TV series to Fantasia to Disneyland to Mickey Mouse watches.

Motion Pictures

Listings for all motion picture-related collections include Touchstone Pictures' and Hollywood Pictures' films in addition to Walt Disney Studio's films. Why? See the home page of this guide for the relation between these two firms and Disney.

The BPCL has many kinds of materials from the motion picture industry: scripts, DVDs, press kits, etc.


The BPCL has a few Disney movies on DVD. Consult this link for a list.

Press kits

Press kits typically include film synopses, cast and credits, production notes, biographical information of the main cast and crew, as well as photographs from the picture. Some of the classic Disney press kits include:


There are many motion picture scripts cataloged and searchable via the BGSU Libraries Catalog. Search by title or browse by the local call number to see if we have the desired script. Additionally, we have many that are not yet cataloged. To see if the desired script is in this group, please ask us for assistance at our Reference/Service Desk, by phone at 419-372-2450, or via email.


The BPCL has a number of posters for Disney and Touchstone Pictures (* denotes these) films, including, but not limited to:

  • The Absent Minded Professor
  • Bambi
  • Color of Money *
  • Dumbo
  • The Love Bug
  • One Hundred and One Dalmations
  • The Parent Trap
  • Ruthless People *
  • Tin Men *
  • What About Bob? *

We Have...

.. a select number of Disney periodicals. Please click on the title to see which volumes and issues we have of each.

Comic Books

The BPCL has a considerable number of comics relating to Disney. All comics are cataloged in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. You can search them by title or keyword. Below is a small, selective list of the BPCL's Disney comic holdings.

Children's Books

The Curriculum Resource Center has a number of Disney children's books.  See The Hungling Disney Collection for more information.


The BPCL has an extensive collection of postcards classified by country, U.S. state, and subject. Disney-related postcards may be found under the headings:

  • Amusement Parks--Disney
  • Amusement Parks--Walt Disney World
    • Includes Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, and general books of postcards, in that order.)
  • California--Anaheim

To view these postcards, simply stop by our Service/Reference Desk and ask for assistance.

Vertical File Materials

Vertical file materials in this part of the collection containing a variety of materials on Disney include magazine and newspaper articles and pamphlets. Contents are accessed under the heading "Disney" are as follows:

This file contains pamphlets about the Walt Disney Archives and the Walt Disney Studio Movie Club and a few newspaper and magazine articles concerning the Walt Disney Company and its activities such as new movies and retail stores. Within the file there is an article discussing a disturbance in Disneyland in 1970 by "Yippies" or members of the Youth International Party. For more information about this event see Disneyland: Inside Story

Basics of Using the BPCL

The BPCL is an archive/repository, so our policies for use of our materials are a little different than you may be used to.  Take a look at the Basics of Using the BPCL to get an idea of how to use our collection.

Web Sites

The following web sites have a great deal of film information, including Disney/Touchstone/Hollywood films.


What is realia?  Well, realia include artifacts that are three-dimensional and non-print, such as toys or games or clothing.  The BPCL has a number of Disney realia, including but not limited to the following:

  • Chip 'N' Dale ink stamp
  • Cinderella alarm clock
  • Daisy Duck plastic figure
  • Donald Duck plastic figure
  • Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse "Happy Birthday" plastic bag
  • Goofy pencil
  • Goofy plastic ring (jewelry)
  • Goofy puzzle with Chip 'N' Dale (one piece missing)
  • Magic Kingdom foldout greeting card
  • Mickey Mouse plastic ring (jewelry)
  • Mickey Mouse coloring set (Big Little Set by Whitman)
  • Mickey Mouse pencil
  • Mickey Mouse plastic figure
  • Mickey Mouse/Disneyland hat with ears
  • Mickey Mouse noisemaker
  • Mickey Mouse Club light switch cover
  • Olive & Co. musical Christmas ornament box (just the box, no ornaments)
  • Touchstone/Disney plastic mug
  • Uncle Scrooge bottle cap (inside a Fanta cap)
  • Uncle Scrooge with money bags plastic figure
  • Walt Disney World pencil (with Donald Duck, Pluto, and Winnie-the-Pooh)

Mail Order Catalogs

The BPCL Mail Order Catalog Collection includes several catalogs (some are listed below) advertising Disney-related materials. These catalogs can be useful for studying the diversity of products developed from Disney characters and productions. Ask at the BPCL Service/Reference Desk for assistance in finding materials in this collection.  Follow the links below to find out which issues we have of each catalog.

  • Disney Catalog: includes a variety of products from suspenders and watches to books and stationary 
  • Toys 'R' Us: includes materials such as videos, dolls, and games
  • Department store catalogs such as Sears and Montgomery Ward may also be useful.