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FMPD (Fashion Merchandising and Product Development): Evaluating & Citing Sources

This page is designed to assist BGSU students enrolled in AMPD classes with their research

APA Citation Style Sites

For detailed guidelines and tips for creating APA citations, see:

Check out the boxes below for citing some trickier resources commonly used in BGSU's FMPD courses.

APA (6th edition) Citation Examples for Selected Resources

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Each citation should be single spaced.  Double space between citations.


Article in Vogue Archive

Living: M. Givenchy finds his dream house. (1982, October 1). Vogue, 172 (10). 562-569.

Article in EBSCO's Business Source Complete Database (Same if using print copy of magazine):

If no DOI number:

Kaufmann, J. (2012, July/August). An introduction to 3-D weaving. Textile World, 162(4), 28-29.   

If DOI number:

Schielke, T., & Leudesdorff, M. (2015, October). Impact of lighting design on brand image for fashion retail stores. 

Lighting Research & Technology, 47(6), 672-692.

Article from Textile World website:

Kenneth Cole announces collaboration with Kane 11 Socks (2020, August 24). Textile World.

Article from STORES website:

Horovitz, B. (2017).  High fashion's high tech instigator: The mind behind the Neiman Marcus iLab explains why tech is

so critical. Stores Magazine, 99(5), 40-42.

Berg Fashion Library

          Carrara, G. (2010). Gucci. In V. Steele (Ed.), The Berg companion to fashion. (pp. 382-383) Oxford: Bloomsbury Academic.

          Donna Karan. Dress [Original work found in The Museum at FIT, New York].   (Original work created in Resort 2009)

Occupational Outlook Handbook Online:

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. . Fashion designers.   Occupational Outlook Handbook

(2010-11 ed.). 

Hoover’s report within  Nexis Uni:

Urban Outfitters, Inc. (2017, September 6).  Hoover’s Company Records – In Depth Records. Retrieved from

SWOT Analysis report within Business Source Complete:

Guess?, Inc. SWOT Analysis. (2016, November 22).  Company Profile Guess?, Inc. Retrieved from

Mintel Reports:   See box to the right.

Encyclopedia (Print):

Fashion Coordinator. (2008). Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance (14th ed.,Vol. 3, 279-283)

New York: Ferguson.

Citing Images in APA Citation Style

APA Citation Style for Electronic Images

The APA manual does not directly address citing electronic images, but the following is a generally accepted interpretation.  The website name can be omitted when the name of the site is not clear.  Remember:  You must provide enough information in your citation to enable your reader to retrieve the image.


Basic Format for an Electronic Image (Known Author)

  • Author (Role of Author). (Year image was created). Title of work [Type of work]. Retrieved from database name or URL from free website.

Basic Format for an Electronic Image (No Author) 

  • Title of work [Type of work]. (Year image was created). Retrieved from database name or URL from free website.

Basic Format for an Electronic Image (No Author, No Title, No Date)

·         [Subject and type of work]. Retrieved from database name or URL from free website.


    One of a Pair of Sandals [Photograph], Retrieved from The OhioLINK Digital Media Center:The Art Collection.  

    [Untitled photograph of a lion]. Retrieved from 

    Mosesso, J. J. (Photographer). (2003). Nene (Branta sandvicensis) [Photograph]. Retrieved from

APA Citation Style for Mintel Reports

APA Citation Style does not provide an example that exactly fits the Mintel Report situation.  The citations below illustrate the interpretation that both Linda Rich (Librarian) and Mariana Mitova (AMPD Instructor) agree is acceptable

Citing the entire report:

Smith, D. (2014, September)   Fitness

     Clothing--U.S.  Retrieved from 

      Mintel database.

Citing a section within the report:

Smith, D. (2017, July)  Market Factors.

      Women's Clothing -- US.  Retrieved

      from Mintel database.

Note:  Each citation should be single-spaced.

STORES citation

Aitamer, G. (2012, September). 

     Casino betting on emerging 

     markets. Stores, 94 (9), 82.

Note:  Each citation should be single-spaced.