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History: Hidden Figures and Events: Freely Available Digital Books for Ohioans


If you live within the state of Ohio, it is possible to get free access to books through K-12 schools or through the Public Library. INFOhio offers e-content to teachers, students and families within Ohio. And state tax dollars go towards paying for everyone who lives in Ohio to have access to Libby. This is an app that you can get through your local public library for free. See the information boxes below for more details.

What is INFOhio?

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INFOhio is an Ohio statewide resource provider of high quality electronic resources for use by Ohio teachers, students and families. It contains videos, articles, e-books and so much more. If you have trouble logging in and you are a resident of Ohio, watch the youtube video to the right.  If you live outside the state of Ohio and are still a student at BGSU, follow the instructions in the youtube video to the right and select Bowling Green State University as your school. 

To access the e book content, click on any of the Grade band buttons and scroll through the list of database offerings to identify ebook collections. Some examples include the High School eBooks collection, the Indigenous People eBooks and the Holocaust and Genocide eBooks.

Libby & Hoopla

Taxpayer dollars go towards funding access to Libby, a digital book platform that can be used on a wide array of electronic devices including phones, computers, kindles and more. Audio and ebooks are available. Go to the State Library of Ohio's web page to learn more about how to access Libby through your local public library. 

Many public libraries also provide access to a similar type of digital library called Hoopla. Audio and ebooks are available. Check your online database offerings on your local public library web page to see if yours provides access. 

How to log into INFOhio