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HIST 4302: American Collective Memory: Home

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This LibGuide should help you find materials for your HIST 4302: American Collective Memory project.

Basic information is included in this tab with more detailed information about materials in each collection on the other tabs.

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Primary Sources @ BGSU

An abundance of primary source materials are available here at BGSU - on nearly every floor, in fact.  Examples of primary source materials are listed below (follow links for details). 

Since "primary source" can have different meanings for different disciplines and fields of study, any number of materials in the UL could be considered primary sources.  Here are some examples listed by library/collection/floor:

Main floor

  • periodicals
  • fiction/poetry/plays
  • videos
  • government documents - congressional hearings, reports/publications from government agencies, etc.

Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) - 2nd floor

  • children's literature
  • textbooks
  • teaching aids and kits
  • puppets

Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives (ML/BSSA) - 3rd floor

  • all kinds of sound recordings - classical, popular, spoken word
  • album covers or CD covers
  • lyrics/librettos
  • scores
  • sheet music
  • realia (music memorabilia)
  • posters
  • periodicals
  • fanzines
  • additional collections

Browne Popular Culture Library (BPCL) - 4th floor

  • popular fiction - novels, pulp magazines, nickel weeklies, story papers, vintage paperbacks, series romances, young adult fiction (i.e. Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys)
    • 4 main genres collected - romance, mystery/detective, science fiction/fantasy, western/adventure
  • comic books & graphic novels
  • DVDs - these can be checked out
  • movie posters, scripts, press kits, memorabilia
  • radio and TV scripts
  • TV press kits
  • fanzines
  • photographs
  • additional special collections and manuscript collections

Center for Archival Collections (CAC) - fifth floor