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Disco Music: Finding Disco Recordings at MLBSSA

Finding Disco recordings in the Bill Schurk Sound Archives

We've used this page to highlight some of our disco recordings, but our collection is vast, with several thousand recordings of disco and thousands more of closely related genres such as funk and soul. We also have a large collection of 12-inch singles, which were a staple of DJs playing disco and other dance music in clubs, and contain remixes and alternate versions of many disco classics.

Searching for Disco Recordings

Searching for the subject heading "Disco music" in our catalog yields many items, but not all of our collection is fully cataloged, and albums with only a few disco songs on them may not have been cataloged as disco music. Because of the disco backlash in the late 1970s, it's also possible some disco recordings were simply cataloged as "Popular music" or "Dance music" rather than disco.

Searches on titles of particular songs and disco artists may yield additional results.

You can also browse our collection of 12-inch singles that we have fully cataloged. The first 2,800 are roughly in order by record label name and number.

Selected Disco CDs

Selected Disco Vinyl Records

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