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Strategic Communication: Books

When to use books

Books can either be written for a general audience, an academic audience, or for practitioners in the field. Books are an excellent place to learn about a topic comprehensively. Because of their longer form, they often provide much more additional context to a topic than a scholarly article and can provide a more foundational approach to learning about a topic.

The library provides access to thousands of ebooks in addition to our print collection. 

Just need a book chapter? Use ILL!

Can't Find It? Use ILL!

You can request chapters of books BGSU owns to be scanned and sent as a PDF. You can also request print copies of books from other libraries. You can also request PDFs of articles. It's free--create your account today!

 P.S. Try OhioLINK for books first--it's easier and you can keep the book for longer. 

Catalogs and more for books

Selected Practitioner ebooks