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MDIA 4610/MC 5610: Audience Research and Targeting: Company Website

Visit and Gather Information from the Company Website

In addition to finding information on the audience research services a company offers. The company website can be a great place for certain types of information needed when doing company research. Just keep in mind the inherent bias of the information on a company's own website.

Look for this type of Information:

  • Business Description
  • Company services and products offered
  • Better understanding of the image the store is trying to portray & the consumers they are targeting
  • Basic financial information.
  • Social responsibility efforts

A.  Look for links titled something like About Us or About the Company.  (These are typically at the top or bottom of the page.)

Here's where you can often find information about employees, company history, community service programssustainability efforts, and available positions.

B.  Also look for links labeled for Investors or Investor Relations, (Also typically at the bottom of the page.)

Expect to find press releases and financial reports here Locate the Annual Report as it can be a great place to find information such as a detailed business description, "year in review" analysis, and strategic directions,  Don't be intimidated by its size & in-depth financial information as you can skip through all of that & just read the interesting and applicable information!


Company Website Illustration

Found under the "About Us" link at the very bottom of the Nielsen home page, this page gives a nice directory of information topics related to the business.  

Neilsen About Us Website

Annual Report Illustration

Be sure to take a look at a company's Annual Report.  Don't be intimidated by its size and in-depth financial tables!  Skim through the report or check out the table of contents to identify useful information for your project. 

table of contents for the 2019 Neilsen Annual Report